How Much, How Long, How Can?

A short poem about an undying love that is unrequited, creating pain and misery for the innocent girl so lost in love.


1. How...

How much can one heart take?

How much pain can you inflict?

How much 'till you make it break?

How much 'till it you shatter it?

How long can you drag it 'round?

How long can you tease it too?

How long 'till its a broken mound?

How long 'till its an empty promise to you?

How can I say I love you?

How can I give my heart away?

How can a broken heart do?

How can you want it anyway?

Boy, you're wearing it down.

Cant you see faking it is killing me?

In my smashed dreams I'll drown,

Playing the "us" you'll never let me see.

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