I Guess

It's not always easy living the glamorous life, there is more to it than spot lights, money, glitter and fame.


1. It Can Happen To Anyone

      I closed my eyes, wiped my tears away from my cheeks as it burned my scars and scrapes. He did this to me. I was the one that felt the pain. He beat me up and now the whole world new about it...everyone. I told my self I was stronger than this and I lied for monthes to my self. I was so in love yet so scared.

     I am strong, every one has to be when they experience this. This happend to me but I didnt cause this and I didnt do it. This happend to me and it can happen to anybody. There are a lot of women, young girls who experiensed what I did but not in the public. I just though '' here goes my little bit of privecy. My reputasian and my pride''. No body wants anybody to know and yet here I am with the whole world knowing.

    I couldn't  talk to anyone, look at anyone. I couldn't even look at my self in the mirror. I couldn't belive what I was doing. Or what I wasnt doing. I wasn't telling anyone about it, I wasn't leaving him. I loved him how could I? It's natural to go back to him.I am ashemed, because I fell in love with that person. Thats embarising.  I dont want this to happen. You cant say goodbye when he says sorry and that he loves you. When the scars go away you want the memory to go away. Does it? I guess I am stuck with this. My permonent scar.

Dont react of of love. F*** love. Look at it in the third person. Ten make your disishion. Because love is so blind.

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