How Did This Happen (Louis Tomlinson)

Sarah Was Was A Good Person , She Loved Making People Smile And Laugh No Matter What Age They Were she Was Very Known , every one Liked her , But She wasnt Popular , She would always visit the kids at the hospital dress up as a clown and entertain the kids.
One Day The Boys Were In Town and They Decided To Vist The Same Hospital Sarah Was At , When Louis Saw Her He Noticed She Had So Beautiful eyes and A Grreat Smile
When Sarah Saw Him She Froze Knowing Who He Was and Constely made eye contacr
Will Sarah & Louis feel something for each other ?! could it be love at first sight ?!


3. Visiting The Kids

Me and the boys landed around 2 in the morning we were glad we finally made it to Austin and we went straight to the hotel room and got are suit and went straight to bed, about 10 hours later we woke up and got something to eat and we headed to a hospital to vist the kids that were sick , they were some Directioners there , when we got there , they were exited to see us so many cute kids , broke my heart seeing them like that We spend like an hour playing and hanging out with them Suddenly these's two girls dressed as clowns came in every kid in there ran Up to them and hugged them "Hey Guys I Missed Ya'll , Who's ready for another fantastic day?!" This Clown said she had some beautiful eyes! A great smile , besides the make up smile She seemes so fun and a wondeful girl "Sisy , Mimi Look One Direction Came!" This little girl said pointing at us "Oh My gosh!!!!!" The other clown said "Hi" We said smiling "Hi Oh My Gosh Im A Huge Fan, Ah ! Im Mimi , But actually my name is Melissa" she said whispering "And this is my Friend Sisy , Who's Name Is Actually Sarah" she Whispered again Sarah was her name really beautiful "Hey guys sorry if you have to meet us this way, Mimi was telling me about you yesterday and I learned alot about you in one day haha" she said "Really?!" I asked "Yes Uh Your Louis, Right?" She said smiling at me "Yes" I said looking at her with a smile "and your Harry , Zayn , Liam & Niall" she said pointing and getting each boy correctly "Yeah Oh My gosh! I was hoping to meeting you guys soon but today is perfect!" Melissa said "Well You Got Lucky haha" Liam Said "Yeah she was upset about not seeing you guys, guess she got lucky" Sarah said "Yeah hey how bout you guys come to the concert tomorrow so we can hang out or something?" I said "Yes That Be great!" Melissa said "Yeah awsome" Sarah Smiled "Really Great But we have to start the whole meeting each other" Sarah said "Erm Whys that?!" Harry asked "So You Can meet us for who we really are not under all this make up" Sarah said smiling "Sounds reasonable" I said smiling at her I couldnt stop staring at her she seemed so sweet and nice For another hour we continued the fun and games and I couldnt keep my eyes off Sarah I saw the way she made the kids happy how she enjoyed being around them How she entertained them Wow she was so wonderful Just my type

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