How Did This Happen (Louis Tomlinson)

Sarah Was Was A Good Person , She Loved Making People Smile And Laugh No Matter What Age They Were she Was Very Known , every one Liked her , But She wasnt Popular , She would always visit the kids at the hospital dress up as a clown and entertain the kids.
One Day The Boys Were In Town and They Decided To Vist The Same Hospital Sarah Was At , When Louis Saw Her He Noticed She Had So Beautiful eyes and A Grreat Smile
When Sarah Saw Him She Froze Knowing Who He Was and Constely made eye contacr
Will Sarah & Louis feel something for each other ?! could it be love at first sight ?!


4. Concert Time

Me and Melissa Were getting ready for the concert tonight I was exited since yesterday, I was more exited since Louis asked me, He was so handsome he also seemed so out going, so tall and that smile of his, his blue eyes oh gosh! Was I really thinking about him? I mean in my head thats all that i kept thinking about! Louis!

"So what type of guy is Louis?" I asked Melissa looking down "He is the funny one but also romantic and he is the swag aster from Doncaster!" She said giggling "Oh Ha anything else?" i asked as I smile along with her giggling "He loves carrots he is always wearing stripe shirts with suspenders his full Name is Louis William Tomlinson his bestfriend is Harry, Erm he is 'The leader' but really he is the funny one, he can be grumpy at times but only if someone pisses him off, but other then that he is very romantic when it comes up to relationships, Wait? Why You ask?" She said giving me a smirk "Oh He seemed nice and by the way he invited us the the concert" I said, but yeah i lied Maybe I was really interested in him, I mean I saw something in him, he caught my attention, "Lier! You are not a very good lier, Why did you ask?....Wait! you think he is cute right?" Melissa said Giving Me a huge smile, She was right I couldnt Lie "No, Well yeah he is cute, But He caught my eye and i even spotted him staring at me yesterday and I kind of got nerves and Gosh! I dont know!" I said putting myhands overt my face smiling like an idiot "Awhh You and him are perfect for each other!" Melissa said giving me a little shove "Nah I dont think so I Mean he is a popstar and Im just.. Well Me"I said taking my hands off my face and looking down "Girl! Everyone loves you! Why wouldnt Lou like you? Your Beautiful and Friendly and Nice and Really Fun and Outgoing and You are a person that Cares and You have a lovely personality!" She wrapping one arm around me and giving me a smile "I guess...Gosh lets go before we are late!" I said quickly getting up from my bed and getting my sweater and Melissa's her, and ran outside to my car and we were off to the concert

when we got there we saw a really tall fit man,"Who are you lovely ladies? ya'll arent suppose to be her backstage im sorry you guys you must go now" He said "No Paul its okay there with us, We invited them" Niall said looking at us and Smiling straight at Melissa, He was kind of shy you could tell he was turning red and she was blushing "Oh these are the lovely ladies you were expecting? Very well then lets go guys" He said we started walking behind him when someone playfully bumped into me, It was Louis He was so tall I kind of had to look up "Thought you werent going to show up" he said smiling at me, Gosh his eyes! "I couldnt turn down an offer" I smiled back "Well Im glad you came, I hope you enjoy the show" He smiled, gosh what is up with the amazing smile! it made me get butterflies! "I Know I will" I smiled "Hurry Louis we have to get to the dressing room!" Liam Yelled "Coming!" he said "Well I will see you in a bit" he smiled and ran off to Liam, Gosh I was exited for the Concert and I was happy to see Louis again.

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