How Did This Happen (Louis Tomlinson)

Sarah Was Was A Good Person , She Loved Making People Smile And Laugh No Matter What Age They Were she Was Very Known , every one Liked her , But She wasnt Popular , She would always visit the kids at the hospital dress up as a clown and entertain the kids.
One Day The Boys Were In Town and They Decided To Vist The Same Hospital Sarah Was At , When Louis Saw Her He Noticed She Had So Beautiful eyes and A Grreat Smile
When Sarah Saw Him She Froze Knowing Who He Was and Constely made eye contacr
Will Sarah & Louis feel something for each other ?! could it be love at first sight ?!


2. At The Hospital

"Hey kids I brought you a present!" I said looking through my bag and calling name after name
"Oh wow a Barbie! I always wanted a barbie!" Lilly said
She was the youngest girl in the group of kids I watched out for
"Thats why I got you a barbie" I said smiling at her and she gave me a hug
"Thanks Sarah" she whispered and gave me a smile
She and Little Bobby knew my real name only ones I trusted
"Mimi!" I yelled "You ready for a new song we can teach the kids?!"
Mimi Was My Bestfriend she would help my her actuall name was Melissa
"Why Yes Im Ready!" She said , for the rest of the day we entertained the kids and had a good time"Melissa its time to go!" I whispered in her ear "Well lets go then" she whispered
"Okay Kids we have to go but we will be back tomorrow" I told the kids
They came hugging us and they went back to playing with each other
"Thank You guys ya'll help alot and bring smiles to the little one's" the Doctor told us
"No Problem Anything for the kids" I said smiling at her
"Well we got to go we see you tomorrow" Melissa said smiling and we walked out taking the make up and the outfit off and changed to our regular clothes and put the bags in the front desks and said our goodbyes and headed out to get us something to eat
"So what you think we should do for tomorrow for the kids?" Melissa asked
"A Birthday part tomorrow is Lisa's birthday" I said smiling
"Sounds Awsome I Will buy the cake" Melissa said, She was looking through her phone and staryed freaking out "Oh My Gosh! One Direction is in Austin!!" She said freaking out "They Just Landed About 30 minutes ago!" She said "Haha Cool" I said I really didnt know thet were but they seemed big but I did wonder how they look Oh well
"I Want To see them!" She said "Then go I said "How?! I dont got tickets"
"Oh , well im sorry" I said "Its okay" she said with a frown
"Hey cheer up if they have a meet and greet I promise I go with you" I gave her a smile that made her smile
"Deal!" She said very exited
On our way back home she talked and talked about the boys
I was suprised she knew alot , they really seem intersting
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