How Did This Happen (Louis Tomlinson)

Sarah Was Was A Good Person , She Loved Making People Smile And Laugh No Matter What Age They Were she Was Very Known , every one Liked her , But She wasnt Popular , She would always visit the kids at the hospital dress up as a clown and entertain the kids.
One Day The Boys Were In Town and They Decided To Vist The Same Hospital Sarah Was At , When Louis Saw Her He Noticed She Had So Beautiful eyes and A Grreat Smile
When Sarah Saw Him She Froze Knowing Who He Was and Constely made eye contacr
Will Sarah & Louis feel something for each other ?! could it be love at first sight ?!


5. After The Concert

*Louis's POV*
The concert was great .
The fans were awsome and everything was just perfect .
Especially that I get to hang out with Sarah after .
"That was great!" Sarah said as her and Melissa approuched us .
"Thanks love" Harry said as he took a sip of his drink .
"What are you guys doing now?" Paul asked as he walked towards us .
"Get food! Duh!" Niall said as we all laughed .
Sarah had a beautiful laugh , I couldnt help but admire her .
"What?" Sarah asked as she started turning red , she was cute when she blushed .
"Oh nothing , you are just so attractive" I said as felt butterflies in my stomach .
"hahaha Thanks" Sarah replied as she laughed nervously .
"No problem babe" I said as was still admiring her beauty .
"So lets go eat! You girl want to join?!" Liam asked .
"Erm...If its fine with you guys" Sarah said as she looked at me and smiled .
"Its Fine! Come on love lets go" Harry said as we all looked at Sarah trying to convince her .
"Okay fine" Sarah finally gave in and we all cheered .
"Lets go then" Zayn said as him , and the boys including Melissa raced towards the bus .
Sarah and I walked together , there was a bit of an awkward silience .
"So the concert was great!" Sarah said as she finally broke the silience .
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