if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


13. You are...

   Ally's POV: I cry because I can't even make my own choices anymore it is like my freedom wings were choped off and I can't fly. I hear a knock at my door and say "go away" "please open the door" Niall says. I could always tell it's him from  his adorable accent. I open the door and he stares at me with his ice blue eyes taking me in. "whats wrong?" he hugs me and I love his hugs. " well I have to date him, mangement said or he gets fired and I can't let him get fired." He sits on my bed and says "well Harry is really lucky to be fake dating you I guess".   what do you mean?" I ask and he says "well he is lucky to be dating you evem though it is bad because you are forced, but you are smart, pretty,funny and you deserve someone nice and better like Harry" He starts to get up and I say "but if I don't like Harry" he shrugs and says "you will find the right guy" I turn him around and I look at him. " I think I already did" "really who?" he replys and I point to him. woah woah woah.... back up did I just say that? wow i really do like him. " to bad you are with Harry because I feel the same way." I smile a devious smile and say "well we could date with out any of them knowing..." " I can't lie to the boys!" he says and I give let go of him "alright then we have to wait."

  "what id I don't want to?" Niall says and  just say "well then you need to keep the seceret!" he nods and I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and walk out.

   Niall's POV: I am glad I have her all to myslef.... well almost. I love her with all my heart and will never stop. we walk out of the room and Harry comes over and gives her a kiss right smack on the lips. I was so pissed, "lets at least make it seem believable." Harry says with a smirk on his face. I look at Ally who is not smiling at all. I leave the room and send her a text: Hey love! how about a dinner and a movie at my flat tonight? <3 .

   Ally's POV: I get a text from Niall and it says dinner and a movie! That sounds fun so I replied: Sure! sounds fun.. but how do we not get cuaght?" I wait for a reply and my phone beeps: Just leave it to me I am great at that stuff love you! I reply: love you too. I close my phone and see Harry come up to me and give me a kiss. "easy Harry I'm not really dating you." he backs up and says " but make it believeable!" "no! I will never love you if you keep doing this!" I run out the door.

    Niall's POV: I hear the door slam and Harry stands there with tears in his eyes "I'll go find her" he nods and I run out the door, now we can have our date.

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