if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


19. there is no easy way to say this.....

  Ally's POV: The doctor comes in with a clipboard and an x-ray... not good. The doctor plugs in the x-ray to the computer and it pops up on a white board in the room. " you see Ally.... your knee was very damaged in this accident." The doc. glances over at Harry who now hides behind the boys. "well...." my stomach drops and I say "oh so what does that mean?" "well your bones will be able to move it's just you may need surgery on your um knee." I hate surgery it is horrible "you may never be able to play sports again...or walk on that leg if the surgery doesn't work" I look at him and hold back the tears. "oh, when is the surgery" "tommorow" I nod and he leaves. I can't believe I will maybe never play sports again. Harry comes ovwer to me and says "Ally I am really...." I just look at him and tears flow from my eyes " WHY DO YOU WANT TO HURT ME?" the boys start to back away from the bead and Harry stands there " I wasn't trying to! I was trying to get away from the crazy people with the cameras." "Have you ever thought that mmaybe I would like the cameras? Liam gets all of the attention and ughh!!" I cry and say " NEVER PLAY SPORTS AGAIN? I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN PLAY NO SPORTS THAT IS WHAT MADE ME HAPPY" Harry backs up and says "listen I am really sorry, I-I didn't mean to" the Niall comes up behind Harry.

  Niall's POV: I was sick of this shit. " HARRY JUST STOP" he turns around and says "WHY? FIGHT FOR WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU AND ALLY MATTERS MOST TO ME!" I give him a look and say "PLEASE YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT HER OR ANYONE BUT YOURSELF" he looks at me and says " IF I DIDN'T CARE I WOULDN'T BE HERE I WOULD OF LEFT HER SORRY ASS AT THE HOSPITAL BUT NO I AM HERE AND I LOVE HER AND CARE FOR HER SO SHUT UP" I feel just like punching him and Ally is watching us, it stoped her from crying. I lower my voice and say "you arent even her real boyfriend" Harry smirks and says " Yea thats because she is with you" Liams face falls to a perfect o. "when were you going to tell me this lad?" Zayn and louis just kinda sit back. " YEA BUT WHAT YOU HAVE WITH HER WILL NEVER BE REAL" Harry laughs and says " WELL IT SEEMED PRETTY REAL WHEN SHE WAS LOCKIN LIPS WITH ME." My face drops and I stare at her and she is crying. "you-you kissed him? when it wasn't even in public? how could you?" " Niall I am so sorry! It was in the moment and we were at his place and he kissed me and i kissed him back..."

  I want to cry, I punch the wall and say " How could you do this to me lad?" I stare at Harry who I thought I could trust. " you always get the girl,always never me you" He stares at me with no words and Liam comes over " Niall in the hall for a second." I walk out of the room and wait in the Hall for Liam. " Niall you should of told me you were dating her.... I trust you with her and I just don't no why you wouldn't tell me. " I am sorry Liam I just didn't want you to flip out!" he laughs and says "well this was a big surprise" I stare at him and he says " do you really love her?" I look up and cry "yes! I do but she hurt me bad...she kissed him and it wasn't like it was for publicity! I would have understood if it was, I am just so hurt." I look down and say " I just need to be alone right now." I sit on the leather chair near the room and just think.

    Liam's POV: I turn the knob and enter the room, Ally says" He won't forgive me will he?" I shrug and say "honestly I don't know" she cries and Harry sits there and says "I am sorry Ally but I need to clear my head." he walks out and I say "louis and zayn you should go home" they nod and Louis says "BY ALLY LOVE YOU" she laughs and says " LOVE YOU TOO BOO BEAR" "bye Ally" zayn winks at her and she smiles "by dj malik" I wanted to talk to her after they left.

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