if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


7. The truth is...

Ally's POV: "Liam, i don't know how to tell you this but..." his face goes white and he says "oh my god your not pregnant right?" I laugh and smakc him with the pillow and say "ok first of all that was so funny and second why the hell would i be pregnant?" he shrugs and says "just how you were starting everything off I guess" I slap him with the pillow again and say " ok then um, Harry he kissed me twice but the first one was me by accident." he gets up and I say "stop it's not over yet" he turns around and says "what do you mean?" "well um he told me he loved me..." his throughs the pillow and says "what don't they get by off limits! I just can't stand it!" " what did you say?" I get up and say " I don't know if I love you" he exhales and says " I just don't want them hurting you." he gives me a hug and I say "yea I know but you are hurting me the most." he looks at me and says "why?" "well you keep yelling at your friends nd making them unhappy, just easy off the protection on me a bit" He smiles and says "sorry I can't help it!" we walk out and Harry looks at Liam. "just don't make out with my sister, you need to date her first." Liam says and walks away. Harry and I just stand there nothing to say. " listen Ally I love you and I just want to kiss you, like all the time." I look at him and say "well you kinda do but I like you like you but not like that much." he pulls me into his room and says " I understand, but you got to admit it you think i am a good kisser!"

  Harry's smiles and raises his eyebrows, " i do not..." he laughs and says "alright how about I kiss you and we see" I look at him and say "how about ... No" he smiles and says "well too bad" he kisses me and I have to say I was impressed. He kept going and going and it was pretty dam good. I needed a breth so I broke away and breathed. Harry pulled me back in and kissed me and it was harder and more pashonite. He holds me close to him not letting me go, it was nice but I couldn't do this.I broke away and said "i have to admit that was pretty good but I can't." his face goes down a bit and says " but- I- I love you" " i know but I can't it is just so hard to love again." "listen I get it" he says "your old relationship was a bust but I love you and you got to..." I kiss him I don't know why but i get butterfly's in my stomach and just want more. "you don't even ask me out you just kiss!" I was about to walk away and he says "well then, I was going to ask you before you kissed me but will you go out with me?" I smile and say "yes". i walk out with Harry but Liam can not find out. "hey guys do you wan to play truth or dare?" louis sugested. I smile and say "alright lets play!"

* hey yea this part of the movella was mushy but eh, it's what I do! feed back gladly accepted!* i love reading movellas so if you want me to read yours just comment! xoxo Julia

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