if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


2. nandoes

Ally's POV: it was awkward when i walked in everyone was staring at me but i shook it off. we were going to a place called nandoes, what the hell is that place we get in the car and i sit in the front and ask " what is nandoes?" niall screams "ONLY THE BEST PLACE FOR FOOD IN THE WHOLE WORLD" i laugh and i see harry winking at me and giving me a smile and let me tell you he is just adorable. liam gives him death glares and I get nervouse so i stop looking. we get to nandoes and the pops are there. "here let me grab your hand so i can lead you in there" i hear harry's voice and i grab his hand.lighst flash every where and people are yelling "harry! louis!zayn!niall!liam!" it was crazy. we finnally get into the resturante and harry still has his fingers connected with mine. A girl comes over and says "woah harry is she your girlfriend?" we stare at eachother and we slip our hands out of eachothers and he says "um no we just met" the girl was a red head with tons of freckels. "well it seems that is a lie" she thought she knew everything and I say "look arial we are not dating and just stop" she steps closer and says "arial? my name is carol" i laugh and say "alright you got me there." I turn around and she shoves me. "um did you just shove me?" harry stares at us knowing ther will be an explosion. "well i am not denying it" she says with a smirk on her face. Liam is by my side and she says 'oh is this one your boyfriend too?" he laughs and says "real funny, i'm her brother" the girl stares at him and says "oh your brother oh um i am sorry" she scurrys of and I sit next to niall and harry. 'so ally what hobbies do you do?" niall says with a mouth full of food. "oh i play basketball,volleyball,football,i sing,i play the piano." their mouths drop and I say "yea i do alot of things" i grab a bite of my salad and my face turns into a huge smile. Niall smiles at me and harry keeps winking at me. "oh my god this is so good." niall claps and says "yup i knew she would like this" liam stares at harry who won't take his eyes off of me. we pay the waitor and leave a tip and i see the red hed again. "wait here" I say and harry grabs my arm "ally please don't" I shrug him off and walk over to her and her friends. " hey" she looks up at me and looks down. I grab her shake and pour it on her head. "never mess with me bitch!" and i run out of there with her hot on my tail. the boys Run out too and try to catch up with me but i am far down the block and I hide behind a car. someone taps me on the shoulder and i turn to see harry. "holy shit you scared me" i grab my chest and my breathing is heavy. "oh sorry and you are fast as hell" he says out of breath. "yea i am the fastest on my teams." our faces are inches apart and he pushes my hair back. "now i can see your pretty face." my cheeks burn and i say "oh um uh I" he laughs and says "you want to say something?" i "no," he smiles and says "ok then" I stare into his green eyes and he stares into mine. he leans in and puts his soft lips on mine. he kisses me and I kiss back i open my eyes and shove him away. "hey! i just met you, you can't kiss me!" his cheeks turn a rosy color and he says "oh please, don't tell me you didn't like it" i feel my cheeks burn once again. it was a pretty good kiss, he was good at it. we walk out behind the car and the boys finnally found us. "oh good you found her!" niall says and liam gives him an evil eye and we go find thee card. awkawrd first day i will say.

*so love feed back! tell me what i can improve on!*

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