if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


3. movie time

  Harry's POV: i can't believe i kissed her! i have no idea what happened or what came over me. was it the fact that she was perfect from head to toe?or that her smile made me smile?ughh i ruiend every chance with her.

    Ally's POV: I am so mad that he kissed me yet I want more! how bad is that? anyway we get home and we sit on the couch and liam says "so sis what do you want to do?" niall and harry sit next to me. "how about a movie?" they all scream and jump "yes" liam walks over to the cabnit and picks out of course toy story " we are not watching toy story!" harry yells and liam says "fine what do you want to watch?" niall gets a divious grin "how about chucky!" liam takes out the movie and puts it in.      My stomach aches and I say "i hate scary movies" they all shrug and harry whispers "i'll protect you" i shove him off of me and say "no thanks". chucky was so scary I scream and all of the boys laugh at me. "shut up!" I put my head in my knees and look at the movie. niall stands up and claps when it is over. "That was fantastic what do you think ally?" I am shaking and say "oh um it is defentaly scary." niall laughs and liam stares at harry and i notice his his arm around me. "you don't take no for an answer do you!? you kiss me on the first day I come and I tell you to leave me alone but you won't STOP!" i yell at him and I hate yelling so now I cry. liam shoots up out of his seat and says "YOU KISSED ALLY!" his fists clentch up and he rushes over to harry and says "I TOLD YOU SHE IS NOT AVAILBE, OFF LIMITS TO DATE!" i look at him and say "since when did you ever make my choices i am just so angry with both of you!" i rush up to my room and i hear liam say "you and me will talk later" i hear footsteps and a knock hits my door. "it's liam open up" i through my pillow at the door and say "NO". "please ally i am sory" i open the door and see his eyes are puffy.

   "liam i can make my own choices i am sorry for yelling at you" i say and give him a hug. "yes i am sorry too i just wan't to protect you" i smile and say " sorry i know you love me thats why you do it." he smiles and leaves my room.

* comments? yea i will fix the paragraphing sorry!thanks for commenting*

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