if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


6. lets play some volleyball!

  ALLY'S POV: I go get changed it a black tanktop and purple spandex. I put my hair up in a pony tail and head on out to the living room. the boys droped there forks and stared at me. Harry was basicly drooling over me, and Niall was not even blinking. I look down and say "keep your eyes on your food boys!" there cheeks turn red and I laugh.

   Niall's POV: oh my god she looked so pretty. She was pretty dam serious about this match, she was wearing the clothes and everything! I couldn't even stop staring at her. I was defenatly falling for her. I fell for her eyes, killer smile, and her personality. Harry was drooling over her and I saw it. She said "keep your eyes on your food boys" and I felt my cheeks burn. we all leave and get dressed and go down to the beach for a quick game to 21. Liam chooses the teams, "ok Niall, Zayn and Ally on one team and Harry, Louis on my team." she smiles and takes the ball from Harry and goes to the serving line. She looks at the court and jumps up and smashes the serve down on Harry. His face was so suprised on how good she really was, the game moved along and it was 20-15 and we were wining. Ally of course did all the work she spiked it and we just passed it to her. It was my turn to serve and I wanted to impress her so badly. I grab the ball and brush it off, the sun hits my eyes and fades away but the clouds. I feel the salty mist fly in my face and the wind going south. I through the ball in the air and smash it on the ground. Louis dives for the ball and misses and Harry tries to save it but it is too late it hit the ground and we won! Ally comes over to me and hugs me and Zayn and Harry gives me an evil glare and goes under the net. "lets go for a swim!" harry says and picks up Ally and her face turns white. "Harry put me down! I said put me down please!".

     Ally looked serious and liam was runing after them. " no stop please!" she yells and Harry laughs "never!" he tosses her into the water and she screams. "help! help! I can't swi-swim" she sinks into the water and Harry stands there like a statue and the water was freezing. I run down there but Liam already got her out of the water. Liam is in tears and is shaking her trying to sve her. "wait I took a c.p.r class!" he looks up and says "please help lad!" " just don't get mad because i have to kiss her!" he nods and Harry looks angry. I press my lips into hers and they were soft and I blew air. she starts to cough and spit out water. she almost through up, thank god she didn't. she looks at me and says "you-you saved my life, thank you!" she crys and kisses me for a long time and liam just lets it slide. "oh um your welcome." Harry is already of the beach and running up to the house.

  Harry's POV: I am so stupid! I hurt her again and I just can't take it. I almost killed the poor girl and oh my god. I cry and cry, i sit on the floor and put my head in my knees. I hated it when Niall kissed her I wish that was me!I hear foot steps out of my door and Ally is standing there and I look back down. " Ally I am so so so sorry!" i get up and she says "you were crying alot? why?" "because I love you!I never wanted you to get hurt and I just love you! I love you!"

  Ally's POV: woah Harry said he loved me, "Harry i forgive you but I don't know if I love you" did I? he comes up to me and stares at me. god dam it why was he so cute! "I know but if you do tell me.." I cut him off and kissed him oh shit what was i doing!? " Harry I am so sorry I kissed you I didn't mean..." he kissed me and I kissed back his lips so soft and he just kept kissing me and he pulled back and said " I love you and want you so bad." I just stand there it has been my second day here and I am already kissed 2 out of 4 because i don't kiss my brother. " I- just I don't I " I say and he laughs. " i love it when you do that" he leans in but I step back "look you are really sweet but I just don't know if I love you yet." I walk out and go into my room. "AHHHHH" I scream into my pillow and liam comes in. "sis whats wrong?" I have to tell him sometime.

* LONG CHAPTER! yea i know feed back and thanks for the favorites and likes guys! it means alot to me!*

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