if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


4. i want to talk to you

    Liam's POV: I walk out of Ally's room and down to the living room where harry and the boys are waiting. "don't start yet! i need popcorn!" louis says but i stare at him and say " shut it louis!" i turn to harry and say "you are my friend why would you do this to me?" he stares at me and says " I AM SORRY YOU HAVE A HOT SISTER!" i slap him and say "stop saying she is hot!" he rubs his red cheek and says "well sorry" he sits down and I stare at him and say "if you do anything to her agin like kiss her or hug her or even put your arm around her I will snap you like a twig and I really wouldnt like that" he laughs and says "what is the big deal? so I like her she is pretty, funny,nice and oh did i mention pretty?" he stares at me and I say "yea well it seems you only care about her looks and I know she won't fall for you because she doesn't like it when people are on top of  her all the time like you, she hates it when guys like her for her looks she likes it when guys like her for just her!" he jumps back a bit and harry says "i bet every boy in this room except you likes her even just a bit!" I look at him and reply " ok then lets see, if you like ally raise your hand!" all of there hands go up. harry holds out his hand and says "see!" niall speaks and says "yea but I don't like her because she is pretty! I like her because she is normal, nice,funny,sporty and so much more! she is beautiful without make up and I just like her for her!" he sits down and my face goes shocked. " Niall you really like her don't you?" his cheeks turn rosy and he nods. "just don't tell her!" i nod and harry says "so it is ok that niall likes her but not me?! i can't believe you!"

   "yea but niall won't come home with a girl every night and try to have sex with her!" now it is quite. no one is talking and harry cries. "you really think that I am just that bad?" i look at him and say "no, but I just don't want her heart hurt" he nods and says "ok you know you can't keep me away from her even though how much you try I won't stop." he gets up and walks away and I sit down and louis says "woah lad seems like you are in a pickle." i shake my head and say " i just love her so much and her last boyfriend hurt her really bad last time and I just can't see her cutting herself agin." i put my head in my hands and louis comes over and says "lad it will be ok I understand, if it was one of my sisters I would be like this too but you really hurt harry, he isn't like that and you know it" i look up and say "yea I know I just  think he does that" louis looks at me and says "i would apoligize he really likes her" i look up again and say "yea maybe your right." i walk up the stairs and knock on harry's door.

    Harry's POV: I am so angry with him! he thinks I would treat her that bad I just can't even! I punch my wall and leave and indentation in it. I hear a knock at my door and open it. " liam what do you want?" "listen lad I am sorry I just get so over protective of ally." i let him in and say "yeah but why?" he sits on my bed and says  "ally was hurt in the past and her last boyfriend only liked her for her looks if she ate too much he would say she was fat." he continues " it made her cut herself and i was so bad she is better now but I just can't afford it to happen again." I am silent and say " oh, I understand now, I feel like a jerk oh my god!" I jump off my bed and pace. " I need to apoligize to her." i alomst leave the room but liam grabs my arm and says "in the morning she is a sleep." I nod and say "good night!" liam closes the light and says "good night." This was one hell of a day.


* feed back please! is it good or bad? and I suck at spelling so sorry but I tried to fix the mistakes*


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