if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


18. hospital

  Ally's POV: I hear people screaming but it is still fuzzy to hear. I feel myself being lifted up and placed on something soft, I feel something being poured into my mouth and within minutes I am alseep.

  Liam's POV: I run through the hospital doors and rush up to the nurse desk. " Ally payne can I please see her?" her face looks up and she smiled "your your Liam Payne!!" I smile and reply "yes, I am but I was wondering if I could see my sister" she looks through her computer and says "well right now your sister is in sergery....for" she clicks on a tab and says "for glass in her legs, they were so far deep that they could have punctured something in her leg." my face turns white and I say "oh..um thank you" I sit down in the leather chair and the boys come over. Harry walks through the emergancy room doors and I get up and say " I trusted you and you just through it all away!" I look down and Niall is by my side " Listen I didn't mean to hurt Ally" Harry says with a really sad look in his eyes. " I was trying to get away from the paps and they wouldn't so I started to speed but she told me to slow down she told me but no.... I had to ruen everything again!" he throughs himself on a leather chair and puts his head in his hands and I see tears drip to the floor.

   I actually felt bad for him, he really liked Ally and if he didn't he wouldn't keep on trying to come back with her. The doctor comes out of the E.R. and walks up to us. " Ally will be alright she won't be out of the Hospital yet, a few nights like 3" I nod and say "thank you doctor, and what room may she be in?" the doctor points "room 212 it's on the right." "thank you" I say and the boys and I walk to Ally's room. " Ally?" she stares at me and I am actually suprised she survived. "hey...Liam" she was confused after 10 minutes she was getting better but still was confused. I pull Harry to the side and say "how did she survive?" he crys and rolls up his sleve. A huge bruise went along his arm with cuts, scratches and stitches. " Wait so you saved her?" I ask Harry while staring at his arm, he nods and says "I tried my best but clearly I didn't save her.." I look at him and say " you did you saved her life! and Harry you may not have saved her memory but life is way more important" I give him a hug and he walks over to Ally. " Hey Ally" she smiles.

    Harry's POV: "hey Harry! I remeber you, you are my fake boyfriend!" I smile that she still remebers me. I lean over and whisper in her ear " I wish it was for real thogh." her face turns red and says "will see" I smile to myself thinking that I may have a shot. A knock apears at the door and Ally says " come in" a girl with very very long brown hair apears in the door and says " Hey Ally how are you feeling?" she stares at us and I know she is a fan " your.... ONE DIRECTION" " Tammy what did I say about fangirling?" she smiles and says "right sorry, hi" we all wave as Tammy makes her way to Ally " here I brought you something!!" Ally's face lights up when Tammy hands her the gift. "NO WAY CREAMY COWS ICE CREAM!" Ally screamed and Tammy says " I know, I know it is a great gift." Ally hugs her and Tammy looks at me and winks I smile and pull her to the side when no one was looking " I'm dating Ally" her face goes from a smile to a frown "oh...I know that I just whatever I should go...." she walks out of the room and Ally turns to me.

Ally's POV: " thanks guys for comming it means the world to me." Harry I can tell was crying for a while but he did almost Kill me. " Liam?" I ask and take a bite of ice cream "how did I survive" Liam looks at Harry and Harry says " Well before the car could hit you badly I just put my arm out and blocked it but I got banged up a bit". Harry rolls up his sleve and I see his arm it was bad. "Thank you for uh saving my life." my other boyfriends would of never done that.... I no Ally you can't be in love with him you love Niall.... Do I? A knock comes at the door "I'm the doctor and we may have an Issue" I feel sick and I feel my blood drain from my face. we open the door and wait.

* sorry it was so obvious last chapter but whatever do you lke the story so far? the next chapter may be a bit upsetting to some people so just a heads up.... comement!*

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