if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


20. brotherly sisterly love

     Liam's POV: I close the door and grab a chair and pull it next to Ally's bead. "Ally I just want to know why you wouldn't tell me about all of this befor?" she sighs and says "well I just don't know I thought hey I will be 19 and I need to make my own choices."  I reply "yeah but what about the whol spotlight thing?" she looks down and says "oh... I have always been kinda pushed into a shadow behind you... I was always compared to you and your 'greatness'" she poits finger quotations around the word. "Please sis you shine in your own way your already perfect at that" she smiles and says "thanks..." "so what are we going to do about Harry and Niall?" I ask and she sighs "I really don't know I love them both but leaninga bit towards Niall because he didn't kill me but Harry is adorable cheeky and won't ever stop loving me and I can't break his heart...." I could tell this was going to be hard she loved them bothe equally. The door opens and a tired Niall enters, his eyes are puffy and he says "hi" Ally looks away and I can tell she is just so upset. " please don't be mad" he comes over and she says " why would I be mad at you? Niall you didn't do anything wrong..." He looks at me like a get the hell out look. "I'll leave you two alone to sort things out" I get up and close the door behind me and sit in the same chair almost everyone in One direction sat in. I wish I could know what was going on.....

*Niall and Ally will have ther chat but this is really short but the next one will be a bit longer.... so yea comment!*

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