if i told you i love you would you stay?

Ally is liam payne's brother who she hasnt seen in about 2 years. Ally goes to visit and will meet one direction who she really doesnt like at all.will she bond with boys or just hate them. Will she fall for one of them? read this to find out! xoxo julia


1. nice to meet you

   Allys POV: i wake up to a beeping sound on my dresser, i extend my arm out and perss the snooze button on my alarm clock. "7?" I say and my eyes widen "shit i'm gonna be late. "  I through on a white see through abercrombie shirt with blue jean shorts and white flip flops. I brush my long blond hair and add a coat of mascara. I look at myself and say "why am I trying to impress them?" i add on a pair of silver hoop earings and grab my duffel bag and wait for liam to show up. I hear a honk and liam pulls up to our house. My stomach has butterflys in it as he steps out of the car and I run over to him and give him my famous payne hug. "ally i missed you so much" he looks at me and says "how old are you again?" i smile and say "18" he makes a face and says " i miss my little sis" i smile and say "i will always be your little sister." he smiles and grabs my bag and throughs my bag in the back. i sit up front and liam turns on the radio. " lets go crazy crazy cray till we see the sun" i roll my eyes and liam lowers the music. "you dont like our music?" i shift my head over and look at him and say "well i kinda think it is anoying that you guys are every where." he nods and says "no i can see why it would be annoying i mean we are more popular then you" he smiles and i give him a little shove. "hey!" he says pointing at me "dont mess with the driver" i laugh and we pull up to the big house. "wow this is where you guys live?" i have a huge grin on my face and liam looks at me. "yup now lets get you settled in" liam turns the handle on the door and says "lads i have a surprise for you!" i know there names because i have only seen them on every single magazine in the UK. "is it a pizza?" niall says runiing down the stairs and stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. " oh, this is so much better then pizza." niall says and smiles. I feel my cheeks burn and I smile, he was so adorable he had blond hair and crystal blue eyes. " hey i'm ally and you are i am guessing niall?" he nods and shakes my hand. he shoves his hands in his pockets and looks up the stairs to find another boy which i believe was louis who ran down stairs and says "ALLY!" he gives me a big bear hug and liam says "thats louis he is interesting." i laugh and see another boy which was zayn i could tell. "vas hapenin?" he says  i wave and say " nothing really." then a tall curly haired boy steps out of the living room and stares at me. "woah baby" i feel my ceeks burning again and liam gives harry a glare. " i'm ally" i say and wave as he says " well i'm harry" liam points to witch room i am staying and says to unpack.

LIAM'S POV: i show ally where her room is and come out to talk to the boys. "no one can date ally! i don't want anything to be weird or any of you lockin lips with my sister got it?" harry rolls his eyes and says "your sister is so pretty though!" i stare at him and say " yea but she is off limits the last thing she needs is a broken heart and if one of you do that, i garentee you will get a broken face." "i am talking to you styles" i point at him and he says "why am i always the one that everyone looks at?" zayn looks at him and says "you are just a bit of a flirt Harry and you go out with a million girls" harry crosses his arms and says " i do not!" niall shrugs and says "yes you do". "ok maybe but i can't help it that laim has a hot sister!" my hands clentch up and niall walks over and says "it's ok buddy you will be fine i prommiss" i would be ok with niall because he is sweet and harry is sweet too but is just..flirty and does a one night stand alot. Ally comes back and it gets really quite. " Liam i am so hungry!" niall's face lights up and says "NANDOES" we all glance at eachother and say "ok". 

* I love feed back tell me what I can do to make this better!* thanks!

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