Pretty little LIER ( a one direction story

This story is about four girls and there names are grace, Lauren, Emma, and Shelby and they have many secrets of there own but when they meet five boys that claim one direction is them ( Harry Louis niell zayn and Liem ) will the girls fall for the wonder and kindness of these 5 gentalmen will they break down in front of them ? Best of all will they tell them there horrible miserys they've been hiding for years ??!!!!


10. Ur okAy thank god

I was in a black place there was a little light but I had to fight to get to it and I was to weak to I heard voices Harry was here he said " cuz you've got that one thing do get out get out get out of MAH he's and fall into my arms instead I don't I don't don't know what it is but I need that nothing yah you've got that one thing "! I love her and shes gone I heard his voice cracking he wa gonna cry I knew it I heard Louis trying to cheer him up. Zayn talking to emma Lauren and Shelby were loud flashback ing and Liem was talking to NIELL about his feeling for me and that he needs to get over it Harry was talking and I caught this " if she doesent wake up by tommorow I'm killing myself " I tried to wake up do hard I twitched and they caught sight harry started say I love u u can do it I was twitching everyone started saying u can do it Lauren went and got the doctor I needed to see Harrys face hug him kiss him I needed HIM
She was twitching yes then out of nowhere here beautiful blue eyes shot open I hugged her so tight she said ow back remember I said sorry forgot I'm just that happy love I love u never do this again love I can't stand life without u babe " I love u too " she said weakly doctor when can she come out " now if she feels okay"?
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