Pretty little LIER ( a one direction story

This story is about four girls and there names are grace, Lauren, Emma, and Shelby and they have many secrets of there own but when they meet five boys that claim one direction is them ( Harry Louis niell zayn and Liem ) will the girls fall for the wonder and kindness of these 5 gentalmen will they break down in front of them ? Best of all will they tell them there horrible miserys they've been hiding for years ??!!!!



We were playing truth or dare my favorite game at a a beach flat awesome louisI spun the bottle it landed on me He said u have to kiss 1 girl in this room for more than one minute I looked at Harry he gave me and angry look and gave grace a worry look so I have him an evil smile and asked Louis can the girl or anybody stop me Louis said no and I looked at Harry and laughed I turned to grace her eyes widened and she looked worried I dident care soon she should notice I'm for her so I sat next to her and slowly trying to make Harry JELOUS kissed her a minute passed too quick I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek after Harry had his fists clenched everyone looked and me and Harry louis said to me " that wasent kool man"! I smiled and looked at grace her eyes were red and she stood up and ran out of the room Harry gave me the middle finger and ran after her
I looked at NIELL when Louis said that he looked at harry joyfully Harry looked at me worried know ing I couldent stop him he kissed me it felt like Jason ten he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek!!!! I was about to cry I ran out of the room I heard foot steps but I unlocked the. Window an jumped out thought it was 2 stories I dident care I needed to get out I fell on my feet it stung I think I sprained it but I kept running I jumped over the fence and let out a yelp I heard the boy calling my name harry said I heard her over here I started to run I remembered the park I use to go to with my old bf not Jason but Brice and I ran so fast when I got there I screamed loud the boys heard me by couldent find me
after NIELL kissed her she ran I flicked him off and went after her she jumped out the window and when I went to where she landed I heard a yelp by the gate I ran to it she was gone but I geuss when she jumped over she tore skin there was blood EVERYWERE now I was freaking I jumped over so did the boys there was a blood trail then I heard a huge scream coming from the park I ran like there's no tomorrow I was worried what happened will she be okay!??!
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