Pretty little LIER ( a one direction story

This story is about four girls and there names are grace, Lauren, Emma, and Shelby and they have many secrets of there own but when they meet five boys that claim one direction is them ( Harry Louis niell zayn and Liem ) will the girls fall for the wonder and kindness of these 5 gentalmen will they break down in front of them ? Best of all will they tell them there horrible miserys they've been hiding for years ??!!!!


2. The dance

The dance can't wait walking back home after meeting grace I got home and the boy were messing around as usual I said out loud so they could hear "I MET A GIRL A SWEEET CUTE ONE TO !" the boy froze and looked at me like they've never heard of a girl before and ran up to me " what she look like hot cute nice or lovable ?" Louis shouted in and annoying voice " all!" I said the boys went oooooo! And said " will she be at the dance ?" at the same time " idk I dident ask her that she was in herPJs I laughed at her I think she heard me though" I said with a worried look on my face
were at the dance and its crowded I saw grace talking to a group of boys laughing and joking around I joined in "hay grce" I said nevously looking at all of them I saw one I thought was cute I looked at his name tag it said " Louis tomilson" oooo cute name to I was thinking out loud ! " who's name is acute Lauren ?" grace said in a teasing tone ! Um nobody's I blurt and run off
I looked back before losing them they all had blank faces accept grace she looked worried she knew what happened to me and walked away from them but a brown curly head followed grace I couldent see his name tag he was too far and i was running into a lot of people because my eyes were breaking out with water I could hear grace scream Lauren but I dident stop I couldent ....
I was talking with grace and the band I think I may have feelings for her already when her friend came over I saw herr look at Louises name tag and say Cute name to oooo and grace said who's nameis cute almost reassign her about somthing and Lauren walked away everyone but grace had a blank face even I but when she ran after Lauren I had to go after her I caught up with grace grabbed her by the shoulders turning her around " what happened to Lauren ?" grace mumbled and I couldent help it I had to do this it was to tempting I said " well if ur not going to tell me then I have to do this!" she looked at me with teared eyes I lent in and kissed her it wasent a peck it was long I felt sparks fly when I kissed her I LOVED HER ?!!??!!
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