Pretty little LIER ( a one direction story

This story is about four girls and there names are grace, Lauren, Emma, and Shelby and they have many secrets of there own but when they meet five boys that claim one direction is them ( Harry Louis niell zayn and Liem ) will the girls fall for the wonder and kindness of these 5 gentalmen will they break down in front of them ? Best of all will they tell them there horrible miserys they've been hiding for years ??!!!!


9. God help me

I heard Harry saying I love u when I woke up I was bleeding EVERYWERE and he was crying on me I said shhh it's okay I'm awake babe he held his head up and looked me in the eye and shook me ur crazy doing this to urself grace just CRAZY don't ever do this again u scared me " I'm sorry I love u I dident ( cough) mean too ( cough hard ). Ouch my throut (cough puts hand over mouth) I pulled my hand away and saw blood " hhhhhHARRY!!!!!" I scream " WHAT WHATS WRONG "!!!
When i coughed i coughed up blood ! OMG im CALL ing 911 harry i feel wozzy " dont go tó sleep plz" he SCREAMED but it all got black
911? Yah my gf just blacked out shes in bad shape and was coughing up blood plz come get us were in the Woods by the old cottage yes thank u
Ooh plz wake up love plz I'm begging u wake. Up everyone arrived at that moment Shelby started to say .." oh hay I heard u found......her"! She said her voice going lower sadness showed on everyone's faces I cried over her body wake up plz love wake up plz
Plz we heard sirens several
Minutes later me still crying I saw guilt covering NIELLS face its ur damn fault NIELL if u would have stayed away she would be heathy see what u did " boys stop its nobody's fault she chose to do it " Shelby said breaking us up
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