Pretty little LIER ( a one direction story

This story is about four girls and there names are grace, Lauren, Emma, and Shelby and they have many secrets of there own but when they meet five boys that claim one direction is them ( Harry Louis niell zayn and Liem ) will the girls fall for the wonder and kindness of these 5 gentalmen will they break down in front of them ? Best of all will they tell them there horrible miserys they've been hiding for years ??!!!!


3. Back at our flats

WHEN I KISSED HARRY WELL HE KISSED ME I FELT LOVED I FELT NOT SPARKS FIREWORKS!!!! did I love him??? This time I was for sure I couldent love again not after what happened with Jason never happening again I lifted my shirt and looked at my back in the mirror a huge deep scar runs down my back ! I cant ever show this tó harry őr the boys EVER! I cried into my pillow and heard a knock on the door I went down dtair trying to wipe my tears away I open the door its Harry ! He noticed I was crying and hugged me he sat me on the couch and asked " what's wrong love?"he rubs circles on my back I screach in pain "" ahhh!" I cry Harry looks at my very worried at lifts my shirt to look at my back he gasps" who did this to u! WHO WHO DID IT !" I cry harder " look im sorry for yelling at u just tell me who did this to u plz grace..".......
Last night sucked im here crying on my pillow about what happened when I was young my parent committed suicide and my bf dumped me and raped me before he left I was horrified to go outside till shelby Emma and grace came along but now that I think about it where is Emma she wasent at the dance I better call her at that moment I heard a knock on the door it was Emma and a black haired dude that was hanging with grace at the party but Emma had a black eye and was scratched up all I'did was run up to Emma and hug her so tight she said " Lauren im okay let go !"she said it so lifelessly I got her in the the guy came in " I saved ur friend Emma she was lying on the street beaten up!" OMG ! I though to myself how could somone!!!!
I wish she would tell me who did it but she just cried her heart out I lifted her chin and looked in her eyes I wiped her tears with my thumb and she looked up I told her" if u hide ur face nobody can see how beautifull u are !" she silently giggled and looked up at me again and she grabbed my hand we lent in and kissed she turned into making out she pulled away " wanna watch a movie ?" I said sure she went to go make snacks for us I walked behind her and put my hands on her waist she jumped then hopped on the counter and I wrapped my arms around her waist she put her legs around my waist and we kissed I pulled her off the counter and she hung on to me then the door bell rung she jumped of the answer it I went to the bathroom I came out and she was gone her shoes were still here her keys and her car I searched EVERYWERE I was getting worried
I took grace out of her house found she was kissing this guy I think he was from one direction I mean she was kissing him I think they were DATEING so I saw him go to the resterroom I knocked and took her ducktaped her mouth and tied her up I watch through a window him look for her she was a struggler but couldent get free I took her to my flat ( in the woods no one around there) I unducktaped her mouth and said "miss me oh and that dude u were kissing yah ur mine now u do what I want okay !!"NEVER " she SCREAMED só i smacked her
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