"Forever and Always." he said while giving me my new promise ring. It has been the best 2 years of my life with him but now all down the drain. I didn't think a orange letter could pain me so much. That was three years ago and I am still a bit Broken but a little healed with the help of my new fiance, Max Walls. I am not ready to face him and probably never but I know I will be completly healed after the wedding, next month. I don't want to be Broken but I am still. Broken........

Hiiii!!!! So some of you are probably wondering who that HE is, well i can't tell you! It's a mystery!!! You must read and later on in the fanfiction you will find out. I did this so I could make cliffhangers because I love you guys!!!! haha!! Please leave some comments telling me what you think!!! Thank you!!!!
Jenn XXX :D


17. Your beautiful.

RATED R CHAPTER!!! SCENE CONTAINS ACTIVITY THAT SOME PEOPLE CANT HANDLE. PLEASE DONT READ IT IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT. Thank you for reading Broken and please tell me what you think about this scene. This is the second time I wrote it. Very detailed. You have been warned. Haha. Thank you!! Jenn xxx


Bella giggled into Harry's chest while Harry ran into the restaurant, holding her bridal style. The rain was pouring and she didn't want to ruin her heels. Bella was wearing a long Blue dress that had a sparkling reflection. She wore black heels to match the dress and make up to give it spazz to her outfit. The dress had a v cut so it showed off her boobs, making Harry want her more than he already wants. Her hair was curled and it cascaded down her back and shoulder/chest. She was beautiful and Bella was all Harry's. They walked inside the restaurant and some eyes led to Bella's beautiful figure. Harry wrapped his arm on her waist to show people that Bella was all his. "Reservations for Styles." Harry said to the waitress. She looked at her list and smiled. "Follow me." She said while walking to a table for two in the back. Bella and Harry followed hand in hand. They were lucky that they haven't bumped into the paparazzi. They silently sat down across from each other and the waitress handed them their menus. She walked away so they could pick what they wanted. Harry didn't look at his menu but instead he stared at Bella. "Are you okay?" Bella asked. "Perfect." Harry answered with a smile that lit up the room. Harry finally looked down at his menu but he still kept a glance on Bella. They ordered their food and Harry glued his eyes on Bella. He never wanted to take them off. She was beautiful. "Are you sure your okay?" She said with a little laugh at the end. "Yeah. I'm perfect now that your with me." "Your cheesy you know that right?" "Yes I know. And I'm also flirty. If you haven't noticed." He said with a wink after. "I have actually noticed but I haven't seen you flirt with anyone for a while." "Okay. I will show you what I got." Bella laughed at that comment. Harry wasn't in the mood for flirting so he continued staring at Bella. "If your trying to win me over with some stares. It's not working love." "It's hard to keep my eyes off someone so beautiful." "Cheesy." "Stop complaining." He said and before she could say another word, he put his lips on hers. She answered immediately by kissing him back but they both pulled away remembering they were at a restaurant. The waitress came back with their food. She passed them out to Bella and Harry and left with a welcoming smile. "Absolutely beautiful." Harry said to Bella. "Don't lie." "I'm still going to prove to you that I'm right." "Try your best love." Bella said while taking a bite of her bread. "Okay. I will prove it to you right now." Harry said and got up. He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and walked over to where the manager was. He whispered something to him but kept his glance at Bella who was now confused. "Thank you!" He said and walked to the stage in the front of the elegant restaurant. He had on a evil grin but a cheeky one also. The microphone's buttons turned green and that's when the fun started. "Hello! Sorry to interrupt your meal, but I have a question and I would like to prove this FACT right to my lovely and BEAUTIFUL girlfriend." The crowds attention grew on Harry who had a grin. His eyes were glued on Bella and he was ready for this outcome. "Well today we had a 'fight'. Not really a fight where we hate each other but a fight on who was right and who was wrong. It was a bit silly but I like to prove that this statement is right. I like being correct." He said with a wink. "Well this BEAUTIFUL girl right her." He said and pointed at her blushing face. "Please get back here Harry." Bella said with the attention on her. "Not till I am right." He said with a wink. "Like I said. This beautiful girl won't admit that she is beautiful and I would like to prove it to her. So with the help of you. I want to tell her how she is beautiful." The crowd could read what Harry had planned. It was a bit simple when they saw her. The whole crowd all looked at Bella with smiles. The first one started. "Your beautiful!" This man said. She blushed harder and tried to cover her face. Person after person all said that she was beautiful. And at the end they said it all together. "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" The crowd roared at her. Harry got off stage and thanked everyone. He walked back over to Bella who was very embarrassed. "Your beautiful." He whispered in her ear seductively. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They arrived to Liam's house with laughs leading in the doorway. "Your still dead Styles!" She said while trying to give Harry a angry face. She failed but laughed at the end. "But seriously. Your dead." Bella said. "Mmm hmm." He whispered to her with a cheeky grin. They were about to kiss but heard Liam clear his throat. They backed their heads away from each other and Bella blushed in Harry's chest. "I saw what you did Harry." "And what was it that I did?" "That thing you did at the restaurant to Bella. It's all over twitter." Liam said. "Oh and Bella, your beautiful." She blushed more into Harry's warm chest. "How did it get on twitter?" Harry asked. "I don't know. Maybe a fan saw and recorded it." "Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen like last time." He said while get angry for thinking about that situation. "But I will be here through the entire way. No matter what happens" Bella smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "How was your date with Danielle go?" "Perfect! It went better than I expected." "See. She loves you a lot Liam! Nothing is going to happen." "I know. I guess I was paranoid of this situation. "I guess so." "Sorry to interrupt your chat but I need to steal Bella for a while." He said while winking to Liam. "Okay have fun. Use protection!" Liam yelled to them while they ran up the stairs hand in hand. Harry kissed her slowly with passion in their room. He quickly took of his blazer and threw it on a nearby chair. They both quickly slipped off their shoes and didn't care where the shoes went. Harry pushed her onto the bed and put his lips on hers again. Bella was laid down on the bed with her arms around his neck. Harry hovered over her and they kissed slowly with want. He crept his warm hands up her dress and with the other hand he held himself up. He unzipped her dress for Bella while she lifted his shirt over him. She threw it somewhere and started unzipping his jeans. Harry got the dress over her and threw it away from them while she pulled his pants off. They barely broke their kiss and they never broke away from each other. Harry unclipped her bra with one hand and threw the strapless bra on the floor, along with her dress and his shirt and pants. He kissed down her jawline and made his way to her sweet spot. She moaned from the feeling and ran her fingers through his luscious curls. He then moved down to her breasts and sucked on the right one while massaging the left one. She moaned and continued touching his hair. He nipped at her nipples, making them hard like his erection. "Harry. Please. I need you in me." "I haven't finished teasing you." He said with a cheeky smile. She moaned that she couldn't have him just yet. He kissed down her stomach and to where her panties laid. He pulled them down with his teeth and she moaned louder. "Who made you this wet?" "You. You Harry." She moaned out. He smiled a cheeky smile before he opened her legs wider. Her folds opened making the breeze hit the inside. She moaned again from this contact. "Please. Harry!" Harry licked her clit once and tasted her her a bit. "You taste good." That's when he shoved two long fingers inside her and continued tasting her. She moaned and arched her back. "Fuck harry!" She screamed out. He smiled against her lower area and moved back to her face. She kissed him and could taste herself on his lips. He continued moving his fingers inside her and she moaned against his lips. Bella flipped him over so she was on top and moved down like he did. She grabbed his dick and moved her hands up and down, giving a blow job. She licked the tip of the head but continued giving the blow job. Harry moaned loudly and helped Bella by holding her hair up for her. She bobbed her head up and down making him moan louder. She made her pace faster and gagged sometimes but always continued her fast pace. He moaned louder when she started playing with his balls. "Shit Bella!" he moaned out. He bent foward and picked her off the floor and onto the bed. He got onto the floor but pulled Bella close to him. He rubbed his tip against her clit and she moaned. "Please Harry. I need you in me." "Beg. Beg loud." She couldn't wait any longer so she yelled out, "Fuck Harreh! I want you to fuck me so hard that in the morning i can't walk for a long time and I want you to fuck me hard that I cum so much that i can't cum anymore!!!" Bella yelled as loud as she could that the neighbors could hear her. He then slammed into her and she screamed a little from his length. He didn't move because he didn't want to hurt her. She nodded her head to give Harry the que to move and he did. He started off slow and gradually got faster and faster. Harry lifted her leg and rested it on his shoulder so he could have more access to her. He hit her g-spot hard each time and she would always whimper from the pleasure he gave her. "Moan. my . name." He panted out with a moan. "Haaaaaaarry." "Louder." "HAAAAARRRYYYY!!!!" Bella moaned out and arched her back and got a tight grip to the sheets. "Fuck. Your so tight babe." He moaned out. His breathing got faster and he held a tight grip on her waist but not a grip that hurts. Sweat trickled down his perfect toned abbs and he tilted his head back. "Fuck Harry! God!! Shit Shit Shit!!" She screamed and held a tighter grip on the sheets. "I'm going to Cum babe!" "Me too but hold it in baby." She moaned out and held it as much as she could. His thrusts got sloppier but his pace were still at a fast speed. "I. Can't. Anymore." She said. "Open your eyes. I want to see them while you scream my name and cum." She opened them and stared into his green orbs. "Cum for me babe!" She released her liquids and Harry was right behind her. "Harry." She moaned out while keeping her eyes on his. "Louder." "HAAAAARRY!!!!" She screamed out. He smiled a cheeky smile and got out of her. He flopped onto the bedd beside her and she moved into his warm arms. They both were sweating heavily from the activity they just did but they didn't care. They both breathed heavily also and tried to catch their hoarse breaths. "Always remember that name." He whispered into her ear making her shiver. "Forever." "Has anyone made you scream that loud?" "Only one person named Hazza." She said then pecked his cheek. He pulled the duvet over them and held her close to him because he was afraid that he would let her slip but he wasn't going to let that happen. Ever. "I love you." He said and left a light kiss on her forehead. "I love you too." She said. He then smiled and turned off the glowing lap. She buried her face in his chest and closed her eyes. "The most beautiful girl in the world." He whispered. She smiled on his chest and he kissed her head. He shut his eyes and they fell asleep to the sound of both of their breathing.

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