"Forever and Always." he said while giving me my new promise ring. It has been the best 2 years of my life with him but now all down the drain. I didn't think a orange letter could pain me so much. That was three years ago and I am still a bit Broken but a little healed with the help of my new fiance, Max Walls. I am not ready to face him and probably never but I know I will be completly healed after the wedding, next month. I don't want to be Broken but I am still. Broken........

Hiiii!!!! So some of you are probably wondering who that HE is, well i can't tell you! It's a mystery!!! You must read and later on in the fanfiction you will find out. I did this so I could make cliffhangers because I love you guys!!!! haha!! Please leave some comments telling me what you think!!! Thank you!!!!
Jenn XXX :D


14. I choose.......

Bella tried to forget about that kiss from Niall but it just seemed to pop back in her mind. Did he even mean it? Ran in her confused brain. It was already morning and she missed Max. She wanted him back but she wanted to be with Harry also. A sudden but soft knock, knocked on the wooden door. Bella hopped off the bar stool and walked toward the door. Niall was making breakfast and she didn't want to stop him to answer the door. She slowly opened the door to face a curly haired boy.
"I just had to see you."
"I was thinking the same. Can we go for a walk?" Bella said to the boy. He nodded his head. Bella yelled to Niall about taking a walk and they left the huge house. Bella had made her mind and she was ready to tell Harry her decision.

MAX now laid in someone's bed. His head pounded with fury and he had a bad hangover. His vision cleared a bit and smiled to himself when he saw the naked woman in his bed. He was just now getting over Bella and wanted to do something called 'YOLO'. He now didn't care for Bella because he knew she was going to pick Harry but was he wrong? Was he right? Bella didn't know that he was doing this and Max was going to call everything off, even if she chose him. But no one knew what she chose except the girl.

LIAM sat at home, crying. He wanted to see Bella and wanted to know that she was alive. The thoughts scared him because the death of her ever happening was going to kill him. He just wanted a call or a signal of knowing of her existence. He just wanted her back in his house and her happy and smiling. Wherever she was, he knew she was Broken and wanting to be healed by the one she loved but the choice was clear to her now. She knew which one she was going to be truly in love with.

HARRY and BELLA continued their walk together. They were in the woods and standing very close to each other so they brushed against each other.
"Before you tell me, I want to give you this." He handed her a purple envelope. She grabbed it and held it in her soft and fragile hands. She was scared to open it because the first time she ever received a letter from him, she got mentally scarred. She opened as slow as she could making Harry smile at her.

MAX woke the woman next to him up. She opened her eyes and smiled. She was beautiful also. Her name is Emily. She has dark brown hair and really pretty eyes. Brown. Max liked her because she was beautiful and he wanted to love someone again. He stopped the love for Bella the day he walked away from her, leaving her a kiss on her cheek. That's when he let go and realized he can't hold on forever. He will miss everything about her but he was ready to move on. It was for the best. He thought.

Dear Bells,

I missed calling you that. Bells. Never gets old! I always wondered everyday, How was Bella? Did she ever move on? I never did. You will always be mine. I missed our love. I missed your laugh, your smile, the way you overwhelmed me over anything, and I could have a whole list about what I missed but what I really missed was you. Everything about you I missed. Remember forever and always? It's still forever and always. When I saw you yesterday for the first day for 3 years, I looked at your ring finger first. When I saw our promise ring, that's when I instantly knew that you still loved me. I never stopped loving you so technically, I still love you! Could we just start over? Could we start our love over again? Maybe we could or maybe we could pick off where we stopped. Right before the heart breaking part, maybe life would be the best. Just think about it Bells. And just to tell you, if you do choose Max, I will never stop loving you. I will always love you. Forever.

MAX was making breakfast for his now called girlfriend. He felt happy that the wedding was off. To him, it was the best. But he needed to tell Bella.

BELLA already had tears in her eyes. Tears of joy.
"Harry." She whispered.
"It's you."

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