"Forever and Always." he said while giving me my new promise ring. It has been the best 2 years of my life with him but now all down the drain. I didn't think a orange letter could pain me so much. That was three years ago and I am still a bit Broken but a little healed with the help of my new fiance, Max Walls. I am not ready to face him and probably never but I know I will be completly healed after the wedding, next month. I don't want to be Broken but I am still. Broken........

Hiiii!!!! So some of you are probably wondering who that HE is, well i can't tell you! It's a mystery!!! You must read and later on in the fanfiction you will find out. I did this so I could make cliffhangers because I love you guys!!!! haha!! Please leave some comments telling me what you think!!! Thank you!!!!
Jenn XXX :D


9. Finally

Harry's POV

I was just having my normal appointment with my doctor. I came to this everyday because i was still hurting about my decision three years ago.
"Whats her name?" my doctor asked me.
"Bella." i said while the tears built up in my eyes. We talked about her a while and i was just ready to cry.

The door slowly opened and i asked Hello.
"Sorry wrong room." A familiar voice said. I slowly made my way and the tears were already falling. She fell to the ground and I could see that she was trying to hold her sobbs. She looked so different. Her chest was fully developed. She had gotten much taller and hair was longer. She was still beautiful but different. I saw bandages on her nose and instantly knew she broke it.
"Bella?" I said. She didn't reply and I could see her staring at me but holding her tears.
"How are you beautiful?" i said. Thats when she broke into screams, cries, and loud sobbs. The tears came down faster and I gently touched her back. She snapped at me which suprised me. I took my hand off her and the tears became a small sob.
"I love you bells! I will never stop. That was the worst mistake i ever made. I hurt you and i know but we can start over. Fate brought us back together so we could start over." I said through my tears. She started laughing which actually suprised me.
"I'm engaged Harry." My mouth dropped and also my body. I couldn't believe she was engaged. When I finally get to see her, she is engaged. I knew she wasn't ready to get married. She was still my delicate Bella that I knew 3 years ago but she acted different. I guess I really broke her. I even broke myself. I was a terrible wreck when I left her. I was horrible and I should have stayed. I would be in her fiance's place and be the luckiest man. I was jealous but I knew she isn't mine anymore but she still loves me, I just know it. 

I couldn't stand it.

I got back up on my feet and wiped my eyes and rubbed my tear stained face. "I hope you enjoy your life with your fiance." I said and ran out of the room. I know that was a little mean but I was pissed and hurt.

I continued to run and the tears came back. I didn't know where I was going. I was just running. I found a bathroom and ran inside. Luckily no one was in there. I ran into a stall and just cried louder and louder. All I wanted for three years was her. Was to hold her again. Was to be with her again. All I wanted was her.
I buried my face into my hands and cried loud sobbs. My phone rang loudly but I ignored it. I didn't want to talk to anyone. All I was thinking about was her. The way she moved. The way she talked and laughed. The way she smiled at me. I can say that I had lots of girlfriends but they meant nothing. Bella meant everything. She WAS my everything actually. I have to make her love me again. I just have to. She will be happier and thats what she wants but can't admit it to herself.

I got out of the tiny stall and started to wash my face. I had to suck it up and make her fall in love all over again. I ran out of the washroom and made my way back to my room. The silver door was closed now and I could hear little sobbs. I opened the door and saw Bella crying in her hands. She lifted her beautiful face and looked at me through her tears.

"I'm really sorry about what I said earlier. I finally get to see you again and went off. Can we start over?" She nodded her head slowly.
"How have you been Bells?"
"Broken." It was good to hear her voice but this wasn't enough to make her really in love.
"I am so sorry I left you. It was the worst decision of my life." I said while rubbing my promise ring. I always did that. I looked down at her hands and a smile crept onto my face. I knew she still loved me. I looked back up to her face and gave her a tight embrace. This time Bella didn't yell at me, instead she hugged me back. It felt good to feel her touch again but I needed to kiss her soft lips. I just needed to. I pulled away and before she could say anything, I planted my lips on hers. She instantly answered me back by kissing me back. Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach, fireworks exploded everywhere, sparks ran all through my body, and I could feel her smile but the tears were still streaming down. I pulled her closer to me and I instantly felt happier. I didn't feel Broken anymore. I felt healed but I knew that Bella is engaged. It hurt me that she was but it was the truth.
"Bella?" I heard. She pulled away and her eyes got wide.
"Max." She softly said.


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