"Forever and Always." he said while giving me my new promise ring. It has been the best 2 years of my life with him but now all down the drain. I didn't think a orange letter could pain me so much. That was three years ago and I am still a bit Broken but a little healed with the help of my new fiance, Max Walls. I am not ready to face him and probably never but I know I will be completly healed after the wedding, next month. I don't want to be Broken but I am still. Broken........

Hiiii!!!! So some of you are probably wondering who that HE is, well i can't tell you! It's a mystery!!! You must read and later on in the fanfiction you will find out. I did this so I could make cliffhangers because I love you guys!!!! haha!! Please leave some comments telling me what you think!!! Thank you!!!!
Jenn XXX :D


7. Daydreams (short chappter sorry)



The rain was pouring over me heavily. I was walking home from work and it had to rain on me now? I work a part time job at Starbucks while I continue searching for my acting job. I was at a young age and I know that I should finish highschool and blah blah but I am born to be a actor. This is what I want to do. I am 15 and I got my job from the help of my friends. I hate working at Starbucks but I like the fact I get free Coffee and stuff but its not what I dream of. I am made for acting not be a waitress for Starbucks.

The rain poured harder and harder while I pulled my hood over me more. This was no help and the fact that its midnight made it worse since the crazy drivers and people come out at this hour. I heard footsteps and I picked up my speed. I didn't want to get raped or nothing tonight so I walked faster.

"Exscuse me Miss?" I turned around in defense but quickly backed down.

"Yes?" I said to the very attractive boy that looked about my age.

"You dropped your books." He said while handing me my school books for my last class.

"Uh thanks. I need these." He smiled at me and introduced himself with his strong british accent. (I would make a line for his introduction but I can't give him away just yet :))

"I'm Bella. Didn't you go to my school?"

"Yeah I saw you around but you just dissapeared." I chuckled at his comment and told him everything about my acting dreams with my bestfriend Pheobe. We have the same dream and we are going to do this together.

"Wow it looks like you already have all this planned out." I nodded my head.

"How about I take you to dinner one day?" He said while giving me a smile.

"I would love that."

"I need to give you a nickname first. Ummmmm how about.................. Bells?"

"I already love it!" I said.

"Okay how about your number also?" I told him my number while he typed it in his phone.

"Okay perfect. I will give you a text later and we can plan everything out beautiful."

"Okay that sounds good."

"Did you know that your name in Italian means Beautiful."

"I did know that." I said while giving him a smile in return of his.

"Now I must be getting on my way. The sun is finally out. Bye Bells."

"Okay. See you later. Bye............." We waved bye and went the opposite directions. Right when I turned around, my phone dinged. I grabbed it out and it read.

'Hey beautiful. Your back is cute ;)'

I turned around and saw him smiling.

"Mostly your face." I laughed and blew him a kiss. He grabbed the air and planted the kiss on his cheek. I laughed and waved bye. I turned back around and left with a smile the whole time.

I wish I could go to the past. These are some of the things I miss. Your nicknames, your flirting, the way you could make me smile from anything. I want you back in my reach.


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