Five Small Words


1. Five Small Words


My world was shattered by five small words that afternoon. ‘I don’t believe in love.’ she said. ‘In my opinion it is a word used far too soon and far too often. People use it as an excuse for anything, it’s used to condone their own behaviour to help them sleep at night.’ Her eyes were staring blankly ahead, fixated on some spot on the far horizon. They started to take on a fiery glow and sparkled furiously as her mouth moved rapidly, clumsily spinning webs of words. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her - I was entranced as she took my heart apart slowly, stitch by stitch, word by word.

‘However,’ she smiled. ‘I do believe in breathlessness. Two hearts beating as one, a spellbinding silence connecting two people only by their hands. I believe a single embrace can melt a heart once cold as ice and I believe in butterflies, in romance and explosive fireworks. Fairy tale endings are not always forgotten.’

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