The way i think

This is a fictional story written in 1st person. How could anyone do this o me, my dad, the drunk killed my mother in front of me while i was a child. This story tells how each of these things effect my characters life bringing him to be a real person off the paper (or in this case, screen)


3. kidulthood to adulthood

I lay on my bed in the house that was once my grandmothers, cold and alone. No job, a girl that i really liked but had a boyfriend, and a kid that i had no way to pay for. What you do? What would any responsible parent have done?

My mind started to wander, as searched for a wayb to get money and i lay out my options in my head. I could:

1. try to rob a bank

2. try to rob a grocery store

3. deal drugs

4. mug someone.

There were no legal ways for me to get money. Jobs were hard enough to get now a days, even for people with outstanding amounts of qualifications. Even people who had passed school, been through college and passed university were struggling to get jobs, so how could i get one.

After a week and a half of debate i decided what i was going to do. I was on the block, pockets full of small tubes of heroine. I had chosen wisely. Already i had made enough money to look after myself for about a month and i wanted to keep working. Of course my opinion changed when i got caught by a cop.

I was in the interrogation room waiting to hear my sentencing. 7 years. I may have as well killed someone. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, then i began to question my childhood.

Would i have been sentenced if my mum was still alive? What would have happened if my dad had just left? Would i be going to jail right now? Would I have finished school? Would i be happy? Would I have met sharron and had my son?

If i knew one thing, THIS WAS MY DAD'S FAULT. This would be the biggest obstacle I would ever face in my life, I wouldn't get out until i was 25. Now it was time to become a real man.

Now i was leaving kidulthood to adulthood

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