The way i think

This is a fictional story written in 1st person. How could anyone do this o me, my dad, the drunk killed my mother in front of me while i was a child. This story tells how each of these things effect my characters life bringing him to be a real person off the paper (or in this case, screen)


2. days as a teen

Granny was overall a good person, but i could never say i'd prefer her over mom. My mom loved me like a fat kid loves cake. The incident had effected granny almost as bad as it effected me. I could no longer look in the mirror in case i saw my father staring back at me. My entire life had just ended at the hands  of a man i was too scared to confront.

I should have been at school studying but my perspective on life changed completely. I no longer cared for work, getting a job, school, friends or family. My heart had exploded. Blood was on my hands and i wanted more. There was no goodness in the world, only evil. Who would care for someone like me knowing i was going to turn out just like my father. The only think i'd ever loved had left me.

When I was 16 i had been kicked out of school for violent behaviour. I putted a boy in my class's head through a window and he needed surgery. His name was Micheal lineur, French boy who was where i didn't want him to be. Big mouth who probably would have been a great buisness man were it not for the amnesia that I had caused him.

I lost my virginity that very same day. I couldn't even remember the girls name, I was so drunk. All i could remember was that she wasn't able to walk for about an hour after it so i told her to give me a blow job to pass the time.

That one day had changed me from an innocent little boy to a rebellious man. The only thing innocent about me was my respect for women. Sex and nothing more. I didn't want to grow up to make some girls life hell so i had sex with them and left them at that. I would never have had a proper relationship.

By the time i was 17 I had been to hospital 4 times. All of them because i followed my friends into fights at clubs. People needed to understand that i wasn't a person to mess with. If i didn't get into fights my reputation would have went down and nobody would ever have respected me.

The worst part of my time when i was 17 was when a girl i must have fucked called sharron told me she was pregnant. How was i going to look after a child? I had no job, no money and with a baby on the way i had no way to support it. How was i going to get a job? I had no education or anything.

When i was 18 my child was born. Sharron decided to call him Ben, i didn't really care since it was going to be her looking after him not me. I was never really loved anyone but after a while i started to really like sharron. She had long blonde hair and a killer smile that she passed on to Ben, beautiful Ben the child that i swore to never love.


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