A Star


1. A Star

It had been a long journey and a long time spent travelling endlessly. It had been painstakingly slow; and gave me a strange feeling, being all alone in such a blank expanse of sky. There was no sign of life for miles and nothing to do but carry on, tracing patterns in the sky. However I took pride in the fact that I may be the last shred of hope for someone on a lone planet. Their only glimmer of light in the sky to show them the way; or to be their ultimatum, the realisation of how grounded they are to this world, despite how lonely it can feel at times. I had done my job well, I thought, shining brightly, effervescently, relentlessly. However I was starting to burn out - so I figured it was time to return home; to the world that was so familiar once upon a time - but now I struggled to remember what it was like. Now conscious of the time that had passed; I paused to wonder - would everything appear the same? How much will have changed? I did not know - could not know, until my return. The universe is not constant, always expanding and changing, recreating atoms and stars out of dust.  

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