love is an illusion


1. love is an illusion


Love doesn’t exist.

It’s an illusion. A Fantasy.

What people mistake for love is happiness, feeling content, memories and emotions and the right moments and the sun shining and leaves floating down to the ground at just the right momentum and a combination of timing and fate and god knows whatever else, but not love.

For something to exist you have to hold it in your hands, touch it, taste it, smell it, see it, make art with it, feel it, entirely. 

What people mistake for love is a combination of flaws, a canvas of contradictions, what they wish they had, or what they think they have, or what anything could be. People spend their whole lives wishing, wanting, waiting for the right moment, the right person to pass them by. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year, it will come, they say. It will happen. in time. But time is everlasting, Time doesn’t stop or change but it captures, contorts, twists. Humans forget that time doesn’t measure anything but itself. Seconds, minutes, years. It’s all just a number on a page. What matters is what you do with those seconds, with those moments, with those decades. What do you do with the leaves and the sunsets and those millions of people that could pass you by…Do you do something to change things? To make something happen? Or are you a dreamer? Do you wish and want and wait for it will surely happen…If you wish hard enough surely it will. Oh how the mind deceives us.

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