love in my veins


1. love in my veins


I wanted you to see; to feel.

To see through my mask of pain and lies; to feel my blood coursing through my veins

So longing to touch yours, as our limbs lay tangled together and my hand found that spot in the small of your back. 

My eyes told the truth a thousand times over had you only looked- you would have found stories etched onto my heart; written purely for your taking only.

Do you feel it?

Does it creep into your bones and settle like dust; covering everything with a thin film only visible to you?

Does it encircle your heart, tangle your veins, and fill your blood like bubbles of oxygen once did?

Because love isn’t how many months you’ve been together, or how many kisses you’ve spent, or even how many people think you’re good together. It’s not even about the memories, the confiding, the companionship. It’s about the moment you miss them and think ‘I wish you were here.’ Or when something happens and you make a mental note to remember to tell them. Or when you close your eyes and see the crinkle of their eye when they smile. Or when you’re in a public place and come across a smell, a lingering scent, that plasters itself to your skin and forces memories on you and unintentionally, in a split second, you smile.

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