The Final Passage


1. The Final Passage


People come and people go,

People say they never know,

Why things happen, what they do,

But in the end life goes on.

People stay and people leave,

People expire and people grieve.

But they never quite understand,

What it feels like to be me, or you.

Change your ways before it’s too late.

Before the sands of time change you.

Make amends before you’re stuck in your ways.

Follow your dreams before they go to waste.

Take the risk or regret your days.

Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear.

Just understand I’ll always be there.

Watching and waiting and wanting you here.

This is all too late but I’ll be here still.

Hope you’ll see, hoping you’ll feel

I know you’re hurting but why can’t you see?

Life is more than it seems to be.

People can care and they will help.

They can be there to understand

I wish you were here to take my hand.

I know the world can seem a hopeless place,

But you gave up and are now forever lost in space.

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