Nurturing Souls


1. Nurturing Souls


Did you ever really care?

Maybe I was just another girl to you.

But, boy, you’re just another mistake to me.

I hope you drown in your fucking sorrows and choke on your misery.

Remember when you said you’d die for me?

Well you killed me with your empty words.

Don’t waste your breath, save your lies for someone else.

They might actually believe a word from your dirty whore mouth.

I take back everything I ever said to you.

All those wasted chances, baby, I hope you’re satisfied.

You played Cupid but, I can play God.

Watch your back when the tides turn.

I’ll let karma crush your world and sit back, letting you burn.

The bells are ringing out, they say your time is running out.

Don’t come crawling back when your world crashes around you and you struggle against the tide.

Cry me a river, bitch, and rot in fucking hell.

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