One direction fan fiction


2. Gig and strangers

Today is the day. The day I have been excited about and worrying about for last week. Today is my gig. I was asked to sing at opening night of a new club. I'm really excited and i hope I don't mess up. That would be terrible. My gig is 7:00pm and it's 12:30pm. I decided to go shopping to kill the time. I walked out of my house and into the streets of London. I went to a bunch of different stores and got a lot of stuff. I haven't been shopping in a long time by the way. It was now 4:30pm. I went home and got a shower. I picked an outfit and got dressed. It was a light blue top with little ruffles on the bottom. I had skinny jeans and uggs. I put on a little bit of makeup still looking natural. I was watching TV until 6:30pm. I got up and left for the club. I was really nervous. I got there and got out of my car. I went in an set up all my stuff. I started with Raise Your Glass by Pink and a couple songs by Avril lavigne. After I finished my set, there was a round of applause. I was looking around at the slightly large crowd when my eyes landed on this guy. He looked about my age. He was looking at me and clapping. I got off the stage and went into the crowd. I was about to leave when that guy stopped me.
" That was really great. Your an amazing singer" he said.
"Thanks" I replied
"I'm Louis by the way"
"Amber. Nice to meet you"
" Hey can I ummm get your number by any chance? You seem really nice and I'd love to get to know you better." He said nervously.
"Sure here" I said handing him my phone to put his bumber in.
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