little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


10. Todays the day

Ambers pov

Its march 4th .  Today day is the day . im suppose tobe due. i expect my  water to brake at anytime today . So i just left it alone and went decided to go shopping with my best friend yanelis . i pick up my phone and call her. "hey yanelis can we go shopping ?" i asked  "yea sure ill be at your house in ten " she said  "okay see you then " i said then hung up  I got off the couch to tell niall that i was going shopping . "niall honey " i shouted  "yes baby " he said "umm im going shopping with my friend " i said  " okay babe just be careful " he said  "can i please get a horan hug " i asked  "baby you can get a horan hug when ever you want " he said coming up to meand huging me .  I looked at my phone . i had recived a message from yanelis it said outside waiting i opened my phone and texted back saying kk brt. "baby got to go shes outside love you" i said gving him a kiss on the check . i left the house and got in the car with yanelis . "hey bitch havent seen you since the weddding " yaneliss said " ya  i know and look at you omg you lookin sexy and look at me im fucking pregent" i said  she just laughed . when we got to target  my stomach was growling i was hungry and i want something good to eat . " i m hungry .." i winned "dam amber your just like niall no wonder why you  to love each other so much " yanelis said .


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