little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


9. The truth.


Ambers P.O.V.

The next morning

"Umm niall i have to tell you something" i say

"it can wait" niall said trying to fall back asleep

"uh okay its not that important." i say

"okay baby just go back to sleep" niall said. I tryed so hard to fall back asleep but the though of me having mighting having two kids because of the thing that happened with zayn is killing me. i decided not to tell  him.


It is march first and we have an interview at five this is the first time i will be going to an interview since i got pregent. im suppose to be due in 4 more days. 

"Welcome back guy  today we have a special guess." the person said

" ONE DIRECTION" she said  people in the crowd started to shout and scream . they walked to the couch. there was no room for liam to sit so he just sat on nialls lap just like old times. i laugh at the fact liam did that even though he either sat on nialls lap or sit on the floor. 

"so lets start off with a question for niall" the person said "oi okay " niall said 

"so are you still single?" she asked  he looked off into my direction. i nodded my head no but he did it any way. "no im acctuly married to this beutiful girl named Amber" niall said  when i heard that i faced plamed my self. "can we meet her" she asked.  i knew that question was coming up sooner or later. "sure" he said with a big smile . i walked out of the distance and sat on the floor because there was no room on the couch . i sat directily in front of niall . his hand rested on my shoulders "this is amber guys. also we have something to tell the fans." niall said he looked at me to make sure it was alright. "well we are having a baby " he said . he sounded so happy. "oh well congrats to you guys" she said every one else in the crowd was silenty. i looked into the crowd and there wear some people that where happy everyone else was shocked. "so when is the baby due" she asked. " in four days" i said . "well moving on louis are you and elouner still going out" she asked . "yep" louis said  "ahh what about larry stylision" liam said   "Liam Larry stylisoin is not real okay im happy why cant people except that." louis said. i looked at harry cause i knew that was going to hurt him. Harry had tears in his eyes. he held them back really well . He just got up and left the room . "harry come back" i said he kept walking. "im sorry hold on" i said while getting up to chase after harry . before i left  i shot a dirty look at louis. i ran after him to find him in his dressing room. i knocked on the door . "what do you want" harry said his voice was shakey i could tell he was crying.  "coome on harry let me in " i said "the doors open" he  said . I opened the door to see him on the floor looking at this picture of him and louis. i have that picture on phone.  "did he really mean what he said out there " he asked " harry i have know clue  but listen he is dating elouner so you gotta respect his desicion." i said "but....never mind " he said


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