little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


7. the lost love contuined

Ambers p.o.v.

i turn around to see nothing next to me . niall s body is gone . he left me once again.  i promised niall i wouldn't do anything i would regret. i look down at my  arm . i remember that day like it was yesterday  the blood coming out of my arm. the word monster still is there like a tattoo on my forearm  i get up out of bed and get my phone . its 12:40. i had missed a call.  i missed niall's call. i play the voice message "listen honey i now i left you with out waking you up but i had to my flight is in 50 minutes love don't do anything to yourself ill call you once again before and after i get there okay love you " niall said .  oh so he left to go some where. awwww oh well . i go to my closet and get some fresh pjs and a towel. then i go to the bathroom  and get ready to take a shower. 

Zayns P.O.v

i wake up to hear amber singing in the shower. Man that lovely voice of hers. its reminds me of when we first met. 


it was October 9th i was at a party i was the DJ.  My friend asked me to since he had no DJ for the party. i was doing my thing when this girl asks for a song. "umm excuse me can you play..." she said  when i heard hear voice i turned around and looked into her eyes. i dint here anything she after excuse me . i just nodded my head. when she left i couldn't stop think about those hazel eyes. i was so out of focused my friend told me to go grab a drink. so i did what he said. I went to get some punch i bump into the girl again. "umm hey " she said . under the dim lighting i could tell that she was blush "hey beautiful" i said then winked she had gigled "um would to um get some punch " she said pointing to the drink table  "sure " i said . we both headed to the table . i poured some punch in two cups . i turned around "here you go lovely" i said i was kinda flirting with her .  i handed her the cup. "thanks handsome" she said flirting back with me . "man its so crowed in here " i said trying to get her to come outside with me . " yea i know would you like to head outside its less crowed there" she said . it was like she read my mind. we both headed out side. there where blankets on the grass just in case anyone wanted to stare at the stars. we both sat down on one of the blankets . we put our drinks down .  "its such a beautiful night" she said  i knew what to say ."not as beautiful as you " i said  i leaned in to kiss her . i didn't know if she leaned into kiss me to . but a second after i was sure of it because i felt her soft lips on mine . i pulled  away from her. i opened my eyes to see her eyes still closed . "whoa" she said  "umm so whats your name " i asked . i felt like i need to know her name cause shes the girl who stole my first kiss. "its amber" she said with a bright smile on her face "whats your name" she continued "my name is zayn ... zayn malik" i said nice and proud "zayn malik" she said "yes" i replied  "zayn malik you just stole my last first kiss" she said .  i laughed . "what are you laughing about mr malik" she said really tough  "nothing cause you stole my first kiss to.." i said  "would you like to be my tough little souldier " i asked "sure my tough general" she said  i laughed and we both went back into the party .


man i miss that so much  


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