little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


4. telling the boys

nialls  P.o.v.

"umm christena" amber said  "oh how about mary" i asked "nah to popular" amber said  liam comes knocking on the door. "come on in liam "i said  liam oushes  the door open with his back. he has a tray in hands  on the tray is a bowl with soup i guess and there is tea set right next to the bowl. liam comes walking toward amber . amber fixes  the way i was sitting so i could have lucnh in bed.  when liam sets the tray on ambers lap. when the tray was on ambers lap i whated a few secounds the grabed the spoon and took some of ambers soup. "hey .. thats my food" she said .  liam sat back down on amber said of here bed. i wiped the spoon on the rag . i got up and walked to liam . "hey liam" i said slowly puting my hand in front of his face. "niall no " liam said he got up from the bed and ran . i chased after him then touched him with the spoon. "awww" he said . i go back to the room to see ambers bowl empty. i sit down then she faces towards me. then BURP. i started laughing so hard.  " niall i dont want to keep a sercet from the boys im afraid there going to get mad at me when i tell them so can we tell them now?" she said "okay lets just get you out of bed " i said i picked up the tray and put on the night stand by the bed . i got amber out of bed . i pulled out my phone and tested the boys to meet us at the living room we need to talk. once every one was in the living room i look at amber. she nooded at me. "okay guys so listen up, just a few days ago we realized amber is pregent" niall said . Louis ,harry, zayn  looked at amber . "congrats amber " louis said he got up and hugged her really tight . then louis wispered something in here ear that made her laugh . harry was schocked . but he got up and hugged her any way . i think zayn was the most effected. he had a blank look on his face when zayn got up he didnt hug amber he just walked right past her and went up stairs to his room . "amber ill be right back " i said  i walked right into zayns room. "whats a matter with you ! ambers pregent . i understand you and her went out but thats in the past okay , forget it you and her are just friends . " i said "nothings a matter i always liked amber but i guess i have to move on shes your gal  " zayn said . he walked down stairs and hugged amber

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