little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


5. im sorry i really sorry please amber talk to me !!!!!

Zayns p.o.v 

"nothings a matter i always liked amber but i guess i have to move on shes your gal" i said  i walked out of my room and went down stairs . when i was downstairs amber got up out of her chair. i slowly walked over to her and hugged her. "listen amber im sorry okay can we still be friends ?" i whispered in her ear "yes zayn okay we will always be friends like we where before "she said i looked at her she had a smile on her face.  when i saw her smile it made me smile to. 

Nialls P.O.V.

i go back down stairs to see amber smiling.i look over  at zayn give him a serious face.  zayn just gets up and looks at amber. he walks over to her. i step in front of her and block her from zayn. i dont like the way he has been acting lately. he looks at me . i see his frown . then he looks back at the floor and walks to his room .  Ambe gets up and she soflty pushes me aside and runs after zayn. i look at her. she just scowls at me then goes back to zayn. 

Ambers P.O.V.

niall just blocked zayn from me. i know i told him i was afraid zayn was going to me away from niall. but i realized that zayn wouldnt do that to me or niall.  i got up out of my seat and ran after zayn.  he went to his room. i followed him.  he closed  the door behind room.   KNOCK "come on zayn let me in" i said " why amber  ?" he says "i need to talk to you" i say . he opens  the door. "what amber?"  he said  i entered his room . i closed the door behind me. "listen zayn no matter what anybody says we will always be friends, okay zayn . i love you as a friend like some one i can tell  my sercrets to ." i said  "i know that amber but i have fellings for you . " he repliad " i know but guess what zayn i have someone you might like you can probly meet her tommorow ?" i said "okay amber , im going to take a nap now." zayn said as jumping into his bed "okay zayn " i said as walking out.  I walk down the stairs to go to the living room . niall comes up to me. "what happened ?" niall asked  "Nothing" i said in a ubnoxious tone .  i walked toward louis and harry.  i sat down right next to louis. he whispered into my ear .i laughed .  i was kinda of tired . i got up and went to my room. and went to take a  nap.  my plan was to ignore niall for the rest of today. "amber honey where are you" i heard when i woke up from my nap. i figuard it was niall so i ignored it. but when they said it again i realized it was liam. "im in here liam " i said i switch sides i was lying on . liam opens the door "amber whats wrong "  liam asked  "nothing liam " i said pulling the blankets over my head  "come on amber nialls worried about you . you have been in here for an hour." liam said   "then why doesnt he come and find me . huh liam " i say wipeing a tear away from my eye .  "amber look at me " liam said i look at him . he sees it behind  the smile on my face im not okay every thing in colsing down on me . "amber if there is anything you want to talk about i will alaways be here" liam said when he finsihed his sentence niall walks into the the room .  i brack the stare my and liam where having and pull the blanket over my head again and cry . "liam whats wrong with amber" niall said worried  "i think shes mad at you or just cant look at you because of her past . " liam said "how do you know about that " niall asked "because she feels like she can tell me anything and not be judged" liam said   i get out of the covers and get out of bed . i go to niall  and hug him . he looks at my eyes he can tell i have been crying . he just kisses me . "amber i love you " niall said . i look at liam and nod and mouth thankyou liam . he just nods his head and walks out of the room .

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