little things

This is part two to let me love you . two weeks after the truth or dare game i realized im prego . i dont tell any one put niall and liam. they both take care of me. i stay in nialls room under the blankets cause i hate how i look with a big belly


11. Cry Me A River

Ambers Pov

Niall wasnt allwoed in the room right now. I had just given birth to two wonderful babys one girl and one boy. The doctor was the only one in the room beside me . " what would you like to name the children " the doctor said.  " i would like to name the girl Kylie and the boys name is going to be Toma" i said  " okay" the doctor said then walked out . Then niall came in. "hey love are you alright im sorry i came late " he said .  i lifted my hand up but it admitly fell down . i Felt so weak i couldnt even hold  my hand up for a long time . Niall came running to me ."amber whats wrong "  niall asked.  " i dont know" i tryied to say but it came out muffled. " niall' i whispered " what is it amber" he asked "im sorry " i said . Then i closed my eyes hoping to get some sleep.

Nialls pov

"im sorry " she said then he eyes shut . "AMBER!" i shouted  she didnt respond.  Ther was this sudden loud beeping. Her heart monert stopped it was a long beeping.  Doctors came in rushing .they where taking my princess away from me " whats happing " i shouted.  

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