Tori is a fourteen year old girl living in the south of England. She loves to hang out with her friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Louis isn't really one of her friends, he's Matt's. And only recently, she's realised how determined he is to get inside her friendship group and steal her friends. He wants to be friends with everyone inside her friendship group. Except her.
So Tori goes out on a daring mission, not just to recover her friends for Louis' grasp, but to get rid of him altogether. Sounds easy, right? Just what Tori thinks. But it isn't at all easy if Louis has the power to completely stop you in your tracks, in ways which aren't even imaginable.


5. Mr Pig-Face steals my clan

According to my hospital check-up, I was fine. Only a little bit of smoke in my lungs, that's all. I was lucky that James came and got me when he did, or else I would have been burned to a crisp. The only problem was that they were launching a investigation to find who's fault it was. It was mine, as you already know. Oh god. My mum is going to be so mad when she finds out it was my fault. I sorta neglected to tell her that I was the one who threw the bowling ball into the vending machine and  caused all of the smoke.

I was going over to Kim's house today. The hospital kept me overnight so Kim was desperate to see how I was doing. Then, the phone started ringing and my mum went to answer it. After a few 'hms' and 'I see's' she gave the phone to me.

"It's for you" she said as she handed it over. I took it and put it to my ear.

"Tori!" It was Kim's voice. She sounded mega excited.

"Kim!" I replied.

"Oh my gosh, how are you?" Babbled Kim. "I was so worried!"

"Recovered" I admitted. "I still can't believe that Louis was laughing when I went into the ambulance!" I added.

"Laughing? That isn't like Louis." She stated, sounding really puzzled. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

"Isn't like him?! " I exclaimed, making my mum jump in shock. "It's totally like him! He frickin' hates me!" Kim seemed shocked.

"Well, I think that he is rather sweet" she mumbled, causing me to explain several sharp things to her before slamming the phone down. Well, it turns out that Louis has taken a fancy to Kim. He actually took her to a coffee shop for a drink, whilst I was stuck in hospital. I had a sudden thought.

"Mum?" I asked. "Can I not go over to Kim's tonight?"

"Why ever not, dear?" She asked. She knew that both Kim and I were closer than sisters. I shrugged.

"It doesn't matter" I replied glumly, before walking out of the front door. I walked along the pavement, not even raising a smile at the crazy man and his pigeon. My mum was going to call 'that nice boy James' to see if I wanted to go over to his. Did I ever! This news actually cheered me up a bit, and before you could say 'Tori is the best and most amazing person ever' I was back to my normal self again. 

I decided to go and grab a shake from Shake-a-Delic, which just happend to be down the road, when I saw Him. Mr Pig-Face. Louis. With Kim on his arm. And Matt and Joe following. 

"GUYS!?" I yell, causing the crazy man to let go of his pigeon which he had just caught. They all turn to look at me, Matt and Joe looking sheepish. Kim pulls away from Mr Pig-Face, while I glare at all of them. I walk straight up to Louis, and punch him in the face. A general 'ooh' comes from the watching crowd, as Mr Pig-Face, rubs his nose and seems shocked. 

"TORI!!" Joe, Matt and Kim yell. I turn to look at them. 

"Don't you see?" I asked, quivering in shock and anger. "He is stealing you- from me!" They still didn't get it. Smart kids. "It used to be just us four- You (pointing at Kim), Matt and Joe and me. Then he (pointing at Louis) barges in and acts like 'Mr Nice Guy.' Well, I've had enough. I've been shoved to the side ever since he joined us. Get it NOW?!" A silence fell over the crowd. A tear dripped from Kim's eye. 

"I still love him." She replied, croaking like a frog. Mr Pig-Face came over to her and put his arm around her shoulders. Then he kissed her. 

"Well, well, well." he stated, looking at me. "I've won- again. Goodbye, Victoria." Suddenly an arm punched him in the face. And it wasn't mine. 

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