Tori is a fourteen year old girl living in the south of England. She loves to hang out with her friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Louis isn't really one of her friends, he's Matt's. And only recently, she's realised how determined he is to get inside her friendship group and steal her friends. He wants to be friends with everyone inside her friendship group. Except her.
So Tori goes out on a daring mission, not just to recover her friends for Louis' grasp, but to get rid of him altogether. Sounds easy, right? Just what Tori thinks. But it isn't at all easy if Louis has the power to completely stop you in your tracks, in ways which aren't even imaginable.


9. Louis isn't Louis

Just then, Louis' mum came outside with a plate of cookies and lemonade. 

"Dam-, I mean, Louis?" She asked, and Louis turned to look at her. I stared at her. 

"What did you just call him?" I asked her. The mum went very red. 

"Louis" she mumbled. "After all, that is his name" she added, as if I was dumb. 

"No," I replied, getting annoyed now. "You just called him something beginning with 'Dam'" The mum sighed. She opened her mouth as if to speak and suddenly Louis shouted:

"No!" He ran over to the mum and whispered in her ear. The mum shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing around. 

"There's no point now" she whispered very loudly, "She knows too much." Louis face-palmed. 

"Wait..." He suddenly realised. "If she knows too much, we might as well shoot her now" The mum considered.

"Ok, just don't make it too messy" she said and went back inside. I stared at Louis in dismay. He suddenly looked much older than his fifteen years. More like... in his thirties. 

"Exactly how old are you?" Louis sighed and pointed the gun at my chest. 

"35, if you must know" he mumbled. I felt my mouth fall open. Thirty five! 

"But Kim..." I mumbled. 

"I don't really like her. She's part of my cover." 

"Your cover...?" Suddenly I realised. "You're a spy!" 

"Assassin" Louis corrected. 

"What's your real name?" I asked. I needed to know, in case I got away. Which seemed very unlikely. 

"Damian" I nodded. Just then, Damian/Louis seemed to remember his mission and tapped his gun on my chest. I felt panicky. If he shot me here, he would hide/burn/dispose of me and nobody would never know what happened. 

"One last question!" I suddenly exclaimed. I wanted to delay this as much as possible. "Er... Um..." I couldn't think of anything to say. "How long have you pretended to be Louis?" Damian gave a half smile. 

"Ten years" 

"No way!" Damian nodded. "You sound so weird with that voice" I added, commenting on the change in his voice. There was a pause which seemed to last an eternity. Suddenly Damian realised what his job was. He smiled. 

"Say your prayers, Tori." 

And I just realised that he called me Tori as his finger pulled on the trigger. 

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