Tori is a fourteen year old girl living in the south of England. She loves to hang out with her friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Louis isn't really one of her friends, he's Matt's. And only recently, she's realised how determined he is to get inside her friendship group and steal her friends. He wants to be friends with everyone inside her friendship group. Except her.
So Tori goes out on a daring mission, not just to recover her friends for Louis' grasp, but to get rid of him altogether. Sounds easy, right? Just what Tori thinks. But it isn't at all easy if Louis has the power to completely stop you in your tracks, in ways which aren't even imaginable.


12. I say goodbye to mum for good

You know something isn't right when you hear a knock on your door at 2:30am. I could hear mum getting out of bed and yawning, putting on her fluffy slippers and plodding to the front door. I snuggled deeper into my duvet. I didn't want to get up. I didn't care who it was, I just wanted my sleep. I could hear mum opening the front door. I had a sudden thought. 

'What if it was Damian?' 

I managed to pull my heavy body out of my bed and get downstairs. I could hear voices. And I could feel flashing blue police lights on my face. 

"No, I'm sure you have got the wrong house" I could hear mum talking persistently to two police officers. I bit my lip. I bet I killed Damian. And they are here to arrest me and send me to some sort of correction camp or something or probably prison. I shrunk back into the shadows. 

"Trust me ma'am" replied one of the policemen, whose name tag identified him as 'Robert'. "We got the right house. Now please can you bring out your daughter."

"No mum, no" I whispered so quietly, that I was sure only mum could hear me. Apparently not. 

"There she is!" Stated the other policeman, who was identified as 'Andrew'. "Come out now." I shuffled slowly out of the comforting darkness. It suddenly occurred to me that I could be arrested about a number of things. Attacking Damian, stealing a car and breaking into a house, almost killing Damian or burning the Bowlplex. Boy, I had not been good this month.

"Come with us, Victoria" said Robert, gesturing outside to his police car. I looked at mum in hope. She shook her head. I looked at the ground in despair. Suddenly mum said: 

"Just let me say goodbye to my daughter, will you?" She even made a tear trickle down her cheek. Andrew rolled his eyes. 

"Ok then, but be quick about it." Mum put her head close to mine. 

"I know it wasn't you, Tori. I know you wouldn't do a thing like that. I know that you wouldn't, couldn't. I've tried all I can. Now it's up to you." She gently kissed my cheek and Robert led me into the police car. I knew that I would never see my mother again.


"Will he be okay, Doctor?" 

"Probably." The doctor glanced at his patient. He was unconscious, and his leg had a large plaster cast wrapped around it. He also had a black eye and had to have one of his fingers amputated.

"So when will be be allowed to get back to, erm, his job?" The doctor sighed.

"Soon enough." He glanced at the man he was speaking to. This man made him feel uncomfortable. The man was dressed in a grey suit, complete with a grey tie and grey hair. Even his skin seemed grey. The doctor squirmed in the awkward silence. 

"Well," he finally said, "I have other patients to see to." He walked out of the room, happy to be away from the man.

The patient awoke. His heavy eyelids flicked open. The man gasped.

"You're okay!" He exclaimed, although he did not smile. He never smiled. The patient smiled at him weakly.

"Do me a favor will you?" He asked. His voice was a fragile as a thin fragment of ice.

"What?" Replied the man, sharply. "You're supposed to get back to your job straight away."

"Kill..." croaked the patient, before going into a coughing fit.

"Who?" Replied the man. He was getting impatient. "This is supposed to be your job."

"Kill" Repeated the patient, swallowing. He stared the man straight in the face. "Victoria."

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