Tori is a fourteen year old girl living in the south of England. She loves to hang out with her friends: Kim, Joseph, Matt and Louis. Louis isn't really one of her friends, he's Matt's. And only recently, she's realised how determined he is to get inside her friendship group and steal her friends. He wants to be friends with everyone inside her friendship group. Except her.
So Tori goes out on a daring mission, not just to recover her friends for Louis' grasp, but to get rid of him altogether. Sounds easy, right? Just what Tori thinks. But it isn't at all easy if Louis has the power to completely stop you in your tracks, in ways which aren't even imaginable.


8. Always expect the Unexpected

Louis invited me over to his house the next day. I didn't wanna go, of course, but guess what? My mum made me. I didn't get why Louis even wanted me at his house. He dosen't trust me. 

Mum dropped me off at 11am. I guess Louis was nice enough. He said 'come in' and all that stuff. But when he took me out into his garden, I suspected something. 

"I would like to show you my mothers sunflower plantation, Victoria" he said in his polished accent. I didn't say anything but scowled at him and followed him outside. He led me through a maze of vines which, I hate to admit, were pretty amazing.

We arrived in a small, round miniature garden with flower pots which contained pansies. Louis walked over to one of the flower pots, as if he were very interested. I backed away from him. I was getting a little scared now. 

"Louis..." I said warily. Suddenly Louis spun around and I saw a metal object flash in the sun. I stared at it. Louis was holding a gun. And he was pointing it at my chest.


Ten years ago

"We need you to get plastic surgery" stated Dr G, his face expressionless. Damian stared at him in shock. 

"What?!" He exclaimed. Dr G ignored Damian's reaction. 

"You have to look fifteen years younger" He looked at Damian straight in the eye. "It's for your mission." 

"You want me to look like a five year old?" Damian couldn't keep the shock out of his voice.



Dr G avoided the question. "Do you want the hundred million pounds or not?" 


"Ok then. I'll book you in with Alan." Alan was the plastic surgeon who worked with Dr G. Damian shook in head in shock. 

"So I'm gonna look fifteen years younger forever?" Dr G nodded. 

"Probably." Damian shrugged. He had agreed to all this when he joined The Eagle, one of the biggest and most powerful operations in the world which trained and worked with spies and assassins. 

"I guess it would help when I'm getting old" Damian attempted a joke. But it was a weak one. He already knew that his life would be short. 

Dr G ignored him and his weak sense of humor. "And one more thing" he added suddenly when Damian was leaving. He spun around and stared at Dr G. 

"And what's that?" Asked Damian warily. 

"You will need a change of identity, a change of name." Dr G spoke. 

"Ok then." Damian gave a ghost of a smile. "Do I get to choose my name?"

"We will give you options." Dr G's glasses became misty. "You can be called: Mike, Charlie, Will, Henry, or-" He paused. "Louis." 

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