The re-creation of The 75th Hunger Games

I was Lilleth Cassette. My nickname was Lithe because I was thin, sneaky and graceful. Also because you could make it out of my first name. I was from District 12. One more thing you should know about me. But we'll get to that later.


1. Lilleth Cassette

I combed back my unique red hair and ran out of my house that I had barely ever been in. My mom told me her and my sister would catch up to me. I jumped the fence and in mid air I changed into a fox. Yes a fox. I changed into a fox. Here's what I had been getting at. I had spent most of my life in the forest and accidentally acquired a foxes' DNA. Now, believe it or not, I could turn into a fox. I took the shortcut to the centre of District 12 and changed back to myself. I smoothed my purple dress and walked into my age group, 17. It was the 75th Hunger Games and the Quarter Quell. "Welcome to the Quarter Quell. This time there will be two girls from District 12 instead of a boy and a girl. The disticts will alternate whether they take girls or boys. Now the names." Effie Trinket reached into the bowl and grabbed two papers. She opened one and read "Katniss Everdeen!" Then she opened the other one and said "Lilleth Cassette!"

Katniss and I slowly walked up the steps to Effie. I ignored everyone as I was led to the Justice building with Katniss. We sat in seperate rooms and waited for our family. My little sister, Lenni, came along with mom. I hugged them and my sister handed me the unique necklace we had made together. It was a ring with a star hanging from the idle with different charms on the ring. My favourite charms were the fox and the fox face. I put it on and my family was led away. Katniss and I were walking back to the square to get to the train when Effie declared "We have decided there will be two male mentors as we only have Haymitch Abernathy and Peeta Mellark. Haymitch for Katniss and Peeta for Lilleth. The opposite mentor is allowed to help out the other player." And with that we were off to the train. On the train there was food everywhere but I hid in my room and ordered stuff from there. I ignored the Avoxes as they came and left. When I wasn't eating I was hiding away as a fox. We arrived at the Capitol and I kept my windows shut and curtains closed.  It was the day of training and I decided to go to breakfast. While we were eating Peeta asked me "What are your talents?" "Well I can throw a knife, I'm and excellent swimmer, I am fast and cunning." I said. "Let's see." He said nicely. I grabbed a steak knife and threw it to the window. It lodged in between the window and the wall and the window sprung open.

We went to the training centre and all of the teachers at the stations told me I did great. I particularly liked knives unit and arrow unit. Knives had a kit that you wore like a sash with different knives strewn on it. It held 50 knives. That was my favourite thing in training. I finally got to leave and I quickly took my own elevator to floor 12. I walked into the viewing area and turned on the reapings. I heard Haymitch, Peeta and Katniss come upstairs so I ran into my room. I undressed and took a shower. I had no idea what the buttons did so I pressed randomly. I came out refreshed, for once. I put on an orange shirt, white pants and black boots. As I was tying the boots, Peeta came in. "I've noticed something different about you. You seem fox like." Why?" He said. "Well I have a house but I spend most of my time in the forest. I found a family of foxes and I accidentally acquired one's DNA and now I can turn into a fox. I changed and showed him. 

Peeta's POV.

She turned into a fox! She quickly changed back and said "You can't tell anyone. Not even Katniss." She demanded. I nodded. I left to find Katniss.

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