The re-creation of The 75th Hunger Games

I was Lilleth Cassette. My nickname was Lithe because I was thin, sneaky and graceful. Also because you could make it out of my first name. I was from District 12. One more thing you should know about me. But we'll get to that later.


2. Foxface All Over Again

Katniss's POV.

I sat down on my bed with  Peeta and he said "Lithe can turn into a fox, Katniss. Literally. I saw her. Follow me." As we walked to the roof Peeta explained her story. I climbed to the roof and followed him  to the camera system. He played fooage of her changing. I watched it a few times and it finally sunk in. He deleted the footage so people from the Capitol wouldn't see it. "I'm not dreaming, right. Cause that is unreal." Katniss said. Peeta shook his head no.

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