The re-creation of The 75th Hunger Games

I was Lilleth Cassette. My nickname was Lithe because I was thin, sneaky and graceful. Also because you could make it out of my first name. I was from District 12. One more thing you should know about me. But we'll get to that later.


3. Events

It was time for personal training. Me and Katniss waited and she was called out finally. Ten minutes later I was called. I picked up the knife kit. I took the dullest one and aimed it at the strings holding p the lights. They broke and I took the sharpest one. I backed up and aimed at the farthest dummy. I threw and the dummy's head fell off. They escaped me and I went back to 12. We watched the scores. So far, the best mark was 8 and we were at District 11. Katniss got 10. My number came and I was prepared for them to flash a 1 or a 2 or even a zero. But the flashed a twelve! A twelve! The highest you could get! 

 It was the opening night and we were about to meet our stylists and prep teams. Katniss was getting her's from last year and i had to meet mine. My prep team came in Ever was one and Lexette was the other. They plucked all the loose hairs and perfected my red orange so it was sleek an shiny. They gave me a robe to wear and they left. My stylist finally came in. She had shortish black hair with purple streaks and her skin was naturally tanned. Her eyes were a mysterious blue and they were very huge, like puppy dog face eyes. She just had a little black and purple makeup and she was the most normal person from the Capitol I had ever seen, except for Katniss's stylist, Cinna. "I have great ideas for you. It will blow them away." She said. Then, "Hi Lilleth, or Lithe, my name is Deenie and I am your stylist." i nodded and she went to work. She curled my hair and and dyed some of the tips a lighter orange and some a yellow colour. She dressed me in a white dress that had black around the edges to look charred. She put black leggings on me. She got orange, yellow and red paint and painted streaks of each colour on the edges of the dress and leggings. She got white makeup and painted all of my face white. Then she traced around everything with black and highlighted with yellow. She finally declared she was done. She let me glance in the mirror and then we left. We met Katniss by the horses an she looked identical, except for the hair. In hers, it was brown with red, yellow and orange streaks on the tips. We stood on our chariot and Deenie and Cinna lit us with the fake fire. They used the fire to outline the streaks on our clothes, and the lit the backs of the dresses. They had a special fake fire for our hair and the only lit the very tips of our hair with not much fire. Finally, the look was completed. The doors open and the eleven districts went out. We finally went when the chariots had almost reached the city centre. The audience roared louder and We blew kisses to the audience as we reached the centre. We exited the trail and the fire was taken off us.  

Tomorrow was when we entered the arena. Today was the interviews. Effie helped me with girlie stuff and Peeta helped me with concept. We had it down and I wore the exact outfit I did opening night, minus the flames. Deenie put sparkles over the streaks on the outfit an in my hair. When I twirled those parts looked dazzling and on fire. We sat in the audience and Katniss was called. She came back and it was my turn. Let's get this over with.

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