The re-creation of The 75th Hunger Games

I was Lilleth Cassette. My nickname was Lithe because I was thin, sneaky and graceful. Also because you could make it out of my first name. I was from District 12. One more thing you should know about me. But we'll get to that later.


4. Arena

I walked to the stage and sat opposite the interviewer. (A/N Sorry I can't remember his name right now so he is just the interviewer.)

He asked me a bunch of stuff about my life before and I told him everything except for being half fox, and going into the woods. So basically I told him abut when I was at home or at the Hob. Finally, before he got to anything important, my time was up. I walked back to Peeta and we all went upto our floor. We ate and went to sleep at 5:30 pm because we needed rest. I couldn't fall asleep so I burrowed completely under the covers and changed into a fox. Then I fell asleep. I was woken up at 8. Peeta brought me to Deenie and he gave me my outfit that was strong black leggings, a long sleeve black fleece shirt, a waterproof warm jacket and strong leather boots. I put it on and hugged Dennie. Then I stepped onto the metal platform. I was frozen while a Capitol assistant came and injected the tracker into me and then left. I unfroze and the tube was coming down on me. "Good luck and be safe, fox girl." Were the last words I heard before entering the arena.

The arena was a big meadow with tall grass and leafless trees outlining it. I looked far into the trees and saw the ones behind were full of so many nests, that they looked like they grew from the trees. Further still, there were trees with leaves on them. I saw a shimmering lake in the trees, a few marshes, and running alongside the Cornucopia (A/N Sorry if I get the name of the big horn thing wrong I can't remember what it is.) was a river that stretched a circle along the whole arena. the countdown started and I poised myself to run to the 50 piece knife kit and one of to bow and arrows. Beside that were two packs an a sleeping bag. The gong sounded and I ran towards that. I managed to grab everything I wanted, plus a bag of fruits. 

I bolted to the nearest clump of trees and stood behind them. I transferred everything in my orange pack to the big black one and shoved the bag into the black one. Then I put on the knife kit and slung the sheath of arrows and the bow on my back. I ran to the start of the nest trees and slowed to a walk once I got there. I put as much distance as I could in-between  me and the others. 

Katniss's POV.

I ran to a pack and sheath of arrows but a girl from 4 grabbed a sword from the ground and slashed me with it. I fell over and knew I would be getting full cameras on me. I held my stomach, where she had hit and threw up. I fumbled with the pack and got a first aid kit. I put cream on the cut and wrapped bandage around my stomach. I stood up, grabbed the pack and the bow and arrows and ran effortfully to the trees. I finally got to the leaf trees and found a pond. I unwrapped the bandage and pulled my shirt up just enough to reveal the cut. I sat in the pond and let the water wash out my cut. I saw Lithe coming and called to hr. She came over and sat on the dry ground beside me. "Want t make an ally?" I asks. She nodded and helped me with the cut. Then I walked over to a tree and she followed. She handed me her stuff and winked. I brought it all up and she crawled into the hollow of a tree where no one could see her. Not even cameras. A fox came back out and jumped to where I was sitting in the tree. She crawled to the end of the inside of the sleeping bag, still a fox and curled up. I then buckled us in the tree and we fell asleep. 


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