burning night

Hannah is out for a walk, when suddenly she bumps into a post. She falls to the ground screaming in agony. Her entire body was burning, but the worst part was when she felt she couldn't feel her left shoulder.


2. The fears comes

Hannah looked around. Maybe the killer was watching her now, waiting for heer to be overwhelmed with fear, knife in his hand and watching, maybe even laughing at Hannah panicking worse than ever. This was no joke, this wasn't fun, This was serious. tears poured down Hannahs face.

She looked at the little girl. Should she pick her up and make a run for it? should she run for it herself and send back help? Hannah felt dizzie, like she was about to collapse. She had never seen a dead body before, a little girl was one she was never hoping to see.

Her back ached, her legs felt heavy, she was shaking with fear. How was she going to lift a little girl and run, Yet her armhad already reached around the little girls cold neck and started to pick her up. She was small even for her age and as light as a feather.

How could someone be so cruel as to kill such a beautiful little girl. When the little girl was in Hannah's arms she began to run. She tried to run quietly, but was out of breath. She couldn't run her legs were too heavy and now her chest hurt, not out of breath hurt but hurt as if it was on fire, As if someone was biting into her left breast.

Hannah felt her eyes close and air pass by her.

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