burning night

Hannah is out for a walk, when suddenly she bumps into a post. She falls to the ground screaming in agony. Her entire body was burning, but the worst part was when she felt she couldn't feel her left shoulder.


4. The cops

When Hannah arrived home, she went straight to the police and told them everything. Within 10 minutes she was back in the horrific woods with 10 cops surrounding her with guns drawn. Of course Hannah didn't know where the killer was but then something caught her eye.

A shadow had emerged from the trees onto the footpath. It was the little girl but how? She was dead, she had no pulse. "freeze!" yelled an officer but the girl did not stop. her hair was greesy and her clothes were ripped, she was anerexic but how could she be the killer. She smelt disgusting, one of the worst things that Hannah had ever smelt.

"you, you're dead" said Hannah, her voice was shaky and she was surprised that she was not afraid. Usually Hannah would have ran out of the woods at this point but she did not. She enjoyed this, darkness the fear the thrill. Why was she enjoying this.

The little girl was inches away from the officers. She jumped at him and when she got up the officer ws dead, covered in blood, she killed him in seconds. Then another two. within seconds 3 officers were left standing trying to shoot the creature but she was faster than light. She jumped at another officer but took a bullet in the neck, falling to the ground.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" yelled an officer, keeping his gun pointed at the little girl. Hannah didn't move, she saw what was coming before it happened. The little girl plunged at an officer breaking his neck then kicked anther officer over. Within 20 seconds all 3 officers were dead and the little girl was chewing at one of their necks.




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